Cafe Vue

Saturday, February 13, 2010
Cafe Vue – 401 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Vue Wagyu Burger
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Smart Casual
5 minutes
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Wagyu Beef on a Brioche bun, Tasty cheese, Bacon, Lettuce and a dollop of mayonnaise. Salty French Fries accompanied by a bottle of homemade tomato sauce. The “Get Up & Go” burger that even your grandma will enjoy. (p.s Really cool venue!)

“An understated burger in taste and complexity, but nonetheless, something you would go back to eat. This is a light burger that can be appreciated by everyone on any occasion. With a sweet bun and dominant side of chips, this combo might be changing the rules.”
“Really enjoyed it. Smallish.. could have done with another one. The beef was a little dry due to being pre cooked in preparation for the lunch time rush. Fries and homemade sauce were amazing. No mess at all.. its a girls burger. Our waitress should ease up on the fake tan.”
“Perfectly seasoned and cooked patty on sweet fresh burger bun. This burger is well sized as a good lunch time meal with no severe drowsy side effects. Bacon was crisp, with a small dollop of mayo on top. A great homemade tomato sauce – A must to actually put in the burger.”
“Contrast to most other burgers, it is placid and relaxed. All it’s flavours melt in your mouth creating an all around experience. This made the crunchy, salty french fries really feel like the main part of the meal, so you end up using the burger to calm your palette. I like it.”
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