Greasy Joe’s Bar & Grill

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Greasy Joe’s Bar & Grill – 66 Acland St, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia
The Lot Burger (without Beetroot)
Dress Code:
30 minutes
Would we recommend:
Don’t expect much

With a reputation for serving Melbourne oversized meals for as long as we can remember, Greasy Joe’s has been a starting point for many St Kilda locals before a big night out of live music and a few drinks. Our burger was delivered, in true St Kilda style, by an English backpacker posing as a waiter. Be sure to go on an empty stomach.

“First off, I have to point out that this is probably the most over priced burger yet. Although you do get a massive burger with an ample side of chips that most will struggle to get through. I think they could definitely improve on the quality of ingredients starting with the meat pattie, which tasted like it was originally from a supermarket freezer.”
“If you have not eaten this week, this is the burger for you. Huge burger, huge price and huge disappointment in the beef. It had barely any flavour and seemed to just take up space. The mayo was good and the Pom waiters were friendly. They also had two TVs with two different footy games running at the same time, which made up for the beef.”
“This burger really brings meaning to the saying “there’s no I in team”. Take the ingredients apart and they are as boring as doing chemistry homework on a Saturday night. Overall there was no stand out. The pattie was thick but lacked seasoning (I found it helped to add extra sauce), but the caramelised onion and cheese were good, and the bacon was extra crispy. Chips were good too).”
“The egg was fried superbly and the cheddar cheese was delicious. But the rest just didn’t stack up. The lettuce was bitter, the pattie was mediocre and the bun wasn’t exactly fresh. But somehow, to my surprise, they all joined forces to create a reasonable burger.”


i loved it good vaule for money

logan ( May 25, 2012 at 19:31 )

Hi Guys
I think it’s time for you to go back to Joe’s
Under new management
The burgers were good – if anything a little too pink
Great staff and great flavors

Thanks for the inspiration – absolutely love the blog
Keep up the good work!

Emilie ( August 8, 2012 at 01:42 )

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