Les Boucheries Parisiennes*

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Les Boucheries Parisiennes – 268 Toorak Rd, South Yarra,
Victoria, Australia
Wagyu Burger
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30 minutes
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A french restaurant that is dedicated to (and worships), meat in all its glory. Served only at lunch, we are offered a Wagyu Beef burger consisting of apple smoked bacon, vintage cheddar, pomme frites and a side of salad. With French trained chefs, French waiters, French beer and wine, and Parisian decor, all that is left to say is… “Bon Appetit”.

“The French really have impressed us with this simple burger. With just the bare minimum of ingredients, this Wagyu beef burger makes your taste buds dance with delight thanks to its vintage aged cheese and apple smoked bacon. A perfect bun, spread with a distinctive herbed/garlic butter really shows that when it comes to burgers, the word ‘Traditional’ can really take on a different meaning.”
“A large window encourages diners to peek into the kitchen. This really shows the confidence they have in their cooking skills.. I wasn’t dissapointed. The soft and juicy beef, bacon and cheese contrasted perfectly with the crunch of the baguette style bun; a flawless combination. Amazing fries.”
“C’était magnifique. Who would have thought Les Français could nail a burger so well and so simply. One of the simplest gourmet and best value for money burgers I have had the pleasure of experiencing so far. The herb/garlic butter, medium thickness Wagyu beef pattie, and bacon (not crispy but very tasty), were all well represented and contributed beautifully to the burger. The sharpness and oozing texture of the aged cheese was the biggest stand out for me. The burger didn’t have sauce, but didn’t need it. Chips were great too.”
“Like a revolution brewing in my mouth, sharp and peppery undertones ran wild. Every bite I took, the burger bit back. However, the key conspirator in this case was an aristocratic aged cheddar. It was teamed with an excellent Wagyu beef pattie and a refined piece of bacon, lying on a baguette-like bun with a smear of intoxicating garlic butter. A burger fit for the history books.”

*Unfortunately this fine establishment has since closed and moved on to greener pastures. For those lucky enough to have enjoyed the experience… feel free to brag.


So sad, missed it

Where is the chef now?

Otto Au ( September 30, 2011 at 10:57 )

    No idea mate. Would be well worth looking into.


    The Burger Adventure ( October 3, 2011 at 23:00 )

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