Collins Kitchen at Grand Hyatt

Thursday, April 1, 2010
Collins Kitchen at Grand Hyatt – 123 Collins St, Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia
Grilled Wagyu Burger
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14 minutes
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Located within Melbourne’s highly esteemed Grand Hyatt, Collins Kitchen is where you might find yourself having lunch opposite a couple of CEOs, a traveling family, or an international sporting icon. An open kitchen invites you to watch on in awe as the chefs perform their magic. Our burger was set on an extra fluffy white bun with Grilled Wagyu Beef, caramelised red onion, tomato, watercress lettuce, pickles and a salsa-like relish. Chips are an added extra, for the not-so humble price of $8, but a bowl between two would suffice.

“What a bun, what a burger. This has to be one of the most simple burgers in town, yet is still one of the greatest meals I’ve eaten. Sure, its a hefty price tag, but you’ll be leaving happy with every dollar you’ve spent. With no sauce or cheese between this delicious bun, the Wagyu beef pattie stands out as something special. I recommend using the side of sweet tomato relish for a little extra tang.”
“True burger aficionados order without cheese or any sauce. I never understood this until now. I could have eaten just the the beef and bun and still would have paid full price. Very professional wait staff and girls in ties serving burgers is just plain hot.”
“I felt something was missing from this $24 burger. You know a great deal of preparation was put into it and you see it when the burger is presented to you. The grilled flavours were great and all the ingredients on one of the softest buns I have ever tried worked well. What was missing was the human touch of imperfection; where each bite should taste different and a new suprise waits for you with each mouthful.”
“As soon as I bit into the warm Wagyu pattie I was flooded with memories from one of the finest places in the world… New York City. This burger is of an International standard and should be eaten slowly. Savour the flavour because there is not much out there like it. True to their word, all produce used is of an ultra high quality, creating what I can only describe as, royalty amongst burgers.”
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Hey guys. I’ve been following your Top 10s and Go Now! burger list for a while now…. So was excited about finally visiting Collins Kitchen last night. I was expecting to dazzled with a potential number one contender but was unfortunately disappointed. Perhaps the chef or burger design has changed since your review, but out of your top reviewed burgers this one was right down the bottom for me. Patty was well cooked but unseasoned and very plain, there was an overpowering pile of onions on there. No pickle or tomato anymore, but they have added cheese which I couldn’t really taste anyway. The price is now $25. Fries were an extra $8 and came in a bowl. They also charged $1 for a glass of water….. Sigh.

Anyway, to other adventure followers out there be warned. Better burgers can be had easily elsewhere at your usual favorites like Huxtaburger, Trunk, Mr Burger, and the other big names.

79mikemike ( August 23, 2013 at 09:01 )

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