The Amberoom at Royce Hotel

Thursday, May 20, 2010
The Amberoom at Royce Hotel – 379 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia
The Amberoom Beef Burger
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Smart Casual
7 minutes
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Mainly known for catering to the lunchtime crowd, The Amberoom has been feeding the mouths of many hungry office staff on St Kilda Rd since 2000. Don’t let the swanky interior intimidate you; this place is as humble as the burgers it serves and the beer it pours. The burger comprises of a brioche bun, a juicy beef pattie, swiss cheese, rocket, tomato relish, mayonnaise and a side of fries. It shall not disappoint.

“Probably one of the most simple but greatest burgers I’ve eaten in a long time. There was so much flavour, even with such a minimal amount of ingredients. A perfect ratio of quality tomato sauce and mayo, plus a truly outstanding bun, all teamed together to create this well-balanced burger.”
“My absolute favourite style of burger. Really soft and juicy ingredients with a combo of ketchup and mayo, a match made in heaven. It will give its neighbour Cafe Vue a run for its money. My only complaint is I didn’t order a second one.”
“I’ve seen this burger come a long way since I first visited a few years ago. They have perfected all aspects of it, from the bun to the well grilled pattie – it has gotten better. The bun is sweet, the pattie is well-seasoned and the relish with mayo is perfection. Chips were great and loved the side jar of tomato sauce. If you are a St Kilda Rd employee make sure you visit on your lunch break.”
“A flame-grilled pattie together with an excellent mayonnaise and tomato relish is such a simple recipe.. but I think Amberoom have close-to perfected it! Very impressive.”


Cafe vue is better. It has a more interesting sauce . The bun was pretty soft. This was a bit disappointing, I wish I went to Andrews.

Hugh ( June 13, 2011 at 18:41 )

Had this burger 2 years ago when it was a different chef. Back then they used a sweet bread and the meat was not much chop. This time I am afraid to say I forced myself to eat half of it thinking it would improve. Instead I was really disappointed and had to leave the other half. The meat tasted like reheated frozen burger meat. then to top it off It was served with strawberry jam instead of ketchup. I look over at the other table and had to ask others who ate the burgers if they got jam too, thinking it was a new culinary delight. It was quite funny, but an easy mix up. The fries were nice, they were McDonalds style fries with more taste. Overall don’t bother I agree with the other comment very disappointing. This place makes my local fish and chip shop look like 5 star.

Rani ( September 16, 2011 at 14:31 )

    Thanks for the write up Sir. Good to hear from the peeps.


    The Burger Adventure ( September 29, 2011 at 22:04 )

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