Match Bar & Grill*

Thursday, June 3, 2010
Match Bar & Grill – 249 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia
The Wagyu Burger
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Smart Casual
9 minutes
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Known internationally for providing quality and innovative cocktails in locations such as London, Ibiza, and now Melbourne, we found that this funky CBD bar also offers a great dining experience. Match Bar & Grill serve up a true gourmet burger. Presented before us (with impeccable styling) was a burger with a soft brioche bun, a David Blackmore Wagyu beef pattie, tasty cheese, pancetta, tomato, cos lettuce, onions and their own blend of truffle mayonnaise. With a generous side of shoestring fries, you’re in for a real treat!

“Although not grand in size, it makes up for it with it’s powerful flavours. From the moment it left the kitchen all you can smell is a mouth watering aroma of a real gourmet burger. It had a beef pattie that was seasoned well and the pancetta was a pleasant substitute for bacon. I also loved the truffle mayonnaise and the touch of horseradish I kept tasting. Not the cheapest burger, but thats the price you pay for quality.”
“Without a doubt the best looking burger I’ve seen in a long time. The beef was perfectly pink and juicy. But the other ingredients were too strong and overpowering. The pickles were too tangy, the pancetta was too salty, and the sauce too strong. I would’ve preferred just the bun and beef. Great environment (it actually looks like my penthouse). Just not enough value for money.”
“First thing you think of when you get the burger is “Damn, I should’ve ordered two”. I say that because A) you will love the burger and B) the burger could be bigger. However, lately I have grown to absolutely love the smaller burgers we’ve had since the journey began. Highlights included the peppery flavoured pattie with the amazing pancetta, and very decent chips.”
“It looked like a work of art. But it tasted like it was made by an art student. Pretty good.. but there was too much going on. They should’ve kept this one simple.”

*Unfortunately Match Bar & Grill has closed down. Shame to see a decent burger go to the grave.

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Sadly, Match Bar closed in March 2012, leaving behind good burgers and a great self-serve enomatic wine machine. Sigh.

@Danny__Bishop ( May 3, 2012 at 11:39 )

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