The Palace

Saturday, August 7, 2010
The Palace – 505 City Road (corner Pickles Street), South Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia
Wagyu Burger
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Smart Casual
17 minutes
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The Palace is celebrity chef and hometown-favourite Luke Mangan’s new gastropub. There are two menus (restaurant and bar). Both are well thought through and will entice you to return and try what you missed out on. Obviously we had to go for the Wagyu burger (on the Bar menu) with beetroot, cheese, tomato chutney and a pot of friess.

“This was definitely one of those pleasing meals that when you leave there is nothing that you can complain about. A juicy herb and garlic wagyu beef pattie with a perfectly sweet tomato chutney that really paired-up well with the beetroot. A fresh and fluffy bun that really stood up to my high standards.”
“The bun was fantastic. It kept everything together and withstood all the juicyness from the beef and relish. Very warm and comfortable surroundings that seem to be catering to the local empty nesters and RM Williams crowd.”
“A burger that allowed me to forget my worries and just enjoy some of the simple things in life. The beef pattie was great. The ratio of garlic, herbs and moisture in the pattie made it perfection in a bun. The bun was well sized and the ingredients in the burger were well portioned and nothing was really taking over in terms of flavour. A great combination of good fresh ingredients and taste. Chips were Good too.”

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HI guys, thanks so much for the tip on this place! Went today on your recommendation and was so glad I did. The burger was delicious and totally made my Saturday 🙂

Peet ( May 1, 2011 at 00:03 )

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