Maranjaz Food Inc

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Maranjaz Food Inc – Av. Revolucion 3727 Col. Contry, Monterrey,
Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Dress Code:
18 minutes
Would we recommend:
Don’t expect much
$37 MXP

Driving through Northern Mexico’s scorching summer heat, it hardly seems like anyone would be ready to tackle a monster burger; but duty calls. As you pull over on a busy road into what seems like a garage, you find the chef hard at it in front of the grill. Lucky for its patrons, Maranjaz Food Inc offers dining inside a white tiled, air-conditioned room filled with plastic chairs and where the owner sits with friends watching the football (soccer) on a big plasma TV. Quite a clean and quiet environment when compared with the sweltering heat and the noise of traffic blaring outside. I ordered the Especial that came on a toasted traditional sesame seed bun, 100g of beef, tasty cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, avocado and both ham and salami. Sauce and chillis are available on demand.

“I was so relieved once I saw that this place had an air-conditioned dining area. Summer in Mexico is not forgiving; espescially on a diet of tacos, burgers and chillis. The owner of the place brought me the burger and I was automatically impressed with the size… but that was really about it. My beef pattie was too thin and the lettuce was overloading my burger. I added some ketchup and mustard (chilli’s weren’t going to happen on that particular day) to try and punch up the flavour. Even then it still wasn’t doing anything for me. Adding both ham and salami were an interesting touch but they weren’t of great quality. The best thing about this burger was definetly the value for money.. working out to be around $3USD. If it were a cooler day, I had ordered double meat and asked to hold the lettuce this might of been Ok.”

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