The Local Taphouse

Friday, October 15, 2010
The Local Taphouse – 184 Carlisle Street, St Kilda East,
Victoria, Australia
3 Beer Burger
Dress Code:
Smart Casual
10 minutes
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For years some of us at The Burger Adventure have enjoyed the relaxed, friendly and unpretentious environment that The Local has to offer. Since it first opened in 2001 it has undergone some really big changes (for the best) and is now offering some really good food choices (Bar and Restaurant Menus), comfy restaurant seating, more couches for the bar and a great rooftop area to sit and enjoy the balmy nights to come this summer. We went for the 3 Beer Beef Burger (Bar Menu) it had Shlenkerla Rauchbier (smoke beer) marinated beef, cheese with beer battered onion rings, Trumer Pils Aioli and beer battered fries. A good feed and a good time to share with some close friends..

“The idea to put these onion rings in the burger was genius. I just wish there was more of them on the plate aswell. Everything squished down into a juicy mess of aweseomenes. The only thing I would change is the bun; I just hate flour all over it.”
“Loved every bite of it. What I still remember was that char-grilled flavour the pattie had. In addition to a good, thick, well-seasoned pattie all the ingredients held their own. There was a ample amount of cheese, rocket and tomato. The onion rings were great and not too oily, and the chips, well…. they are beer battered and are awesome. To enjoy this burger even more try it with the Budvar Pilsener to wash down all that beefy goodness.”
“This was honestly pretty special. All of the ingredients were of the finest quality. In fact, looking at the photo again is making my mouth water. I can only describe it as elegantly creamy, like the flavours were all whispering secrets to my taste-buds. Don’t forget to grab a beer either mate!”

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