Capital Kitchen

Thursday, November 18, 2010
Capital Kitchen – 1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone
(Chadstone Shopping Centre), Victoria, Australia
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20 minutes
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Known for stealing a suburb away from Melbourne and turning it into the largest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere, they prefer to call themselves the Fashion Capital. On your way to Tiffany & Co, Ralph Lauren and other luxury brands you’ll see Capital Kitchen. With a variety of sandwiches, salads, pasta and pastries to choose from, you better choose quick; this place is busy. Not that it takes too long to get your food. Its more the rivalry for a place to sit on a weekend that might leave you eating on-the-go, or sharing a table with other tired and hungry shoppers. We decided to see if the Fashion Capital could also provide Melbourne with a Burger Capital, and so we delved into the grilled Cheeseburger. It came on a seeded brioche bun with a beef pattie, cheese, lettuce, fresh tomato, herb mayonnaise, smoky tomato relish and with a side of french fries.

“To the team at Capital Kitchen I say, ‘A job well-done.’ I really enjoyed the slightly sweet bun, which paired well with all of the fresh ingredients. The perfectly cooked, subtly seasoned pattie was juicy, and tender and the finely sliced tomato and smoky relish were great little additions. A really tasty and well-balanced burger.”
“The ratio between the beef, cheese, salad and sauce was near perfect. However, the sweet brioche bun was too dry and too big for me. This affected the overall texture of the burger. The fries had no salt on them and we had to ask a waiter for it (it should already be on the table along with the pepper). When it did come out it was fancy rock salt, which doesnt stick to the fries and just falls to the bottom of the bowl. Seriosuly, just put normal salt on it.”
“At first I wasn’t sure what this burger would be like. Shopping centre cafes and restaurants don’t exactly have kitchens that possess Michelin stars for their excellence in culinary quality and service –well, not any that I know of. But saying that, when I go, I don’t expect to find any burger mecca, I just look for something that any of us can enjoy, thats affordable and most importantly one can share with friends. I would share this burger with all of my friends! The pattie was damn good; moist and delicious. There wasn’t too much green stuff and the thinly sliced tomato was nice. The cheese, mayo and relish were the icing on the cake. Chips were good. When you do decide to go, please invite me too.”
“As I clicked away with my camera looking for the perfect angle, I started to feel like I was shooting a Penthouse spread (again). This is by far one of the sexiest burgers I’ve had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into. And imagine, all of this at a family-friendly shopping centre. Every bite was amazing. To single-out any individual ingredient would be unjust. A happy marriage of ingredients that tasted more like a honeymoon.”
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