Mocha Jo’s

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Mocha Jo’s – 87 Kingsway Road, Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia
Triple B – MJ’s Big Beef Burger
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20 minutes
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If you’re in the area

Located about 30 minutes away from Melbourne’s CBD in the suburb of Glen Waverley, this Cafe | Bar | Restaurant is the place for most locals to get a decent coffee, some good breakfast and vast options for lunch and dinner. What will greet you upon entry are the friendly staff, a comfortable environment and desserts on display. The burger we had was the Triple B – MJ’s Big Beef Burger with a 100g Prime beef pattie, Turkish bun, fresh tomato, tasty cheese, lettuce leaves, onion jam, chunky chips and house mayo.

“We all know our thoughts on Turkish buns! It just shouldn’t be done. A larger bun than needed holds a pattie that tastes a lot like Chevap Chi Chi (Serbian sausage) with sweet onion jam. The cheese was melted to the top bun, which is a plus, and I also enjoyed the house mayo. To me this was almost a Mediterranean take on a burger.”
“Initially I thought the bun was too big for the burger. However, half way through it had pretty much dissolved. The odd shaped beef tasted sausage-like and there was too much lettuce and no sauce. Don’t jump to conclusions about the staff all being Canadian… the wicked denim aprons are just a part of the uniform.”
“Turkish bread in burgers does not work. But moving on from that, I think it was an OK burger with a few faults. I was not happy with the lettuce spine I found; its just too crunchy for a burger. The pattie was not covering a lot of surface area in relation to the bun. The mayo was really good, considering I’m not a big fan of mayo in my burger, and the onion was cooked to perfection. The staff were really friendly, accommodating and quite approachable. Chips were great.”
“This is another case of a cafe/restaurant trying to dress-up their burger with exotic words like, “Turkish”, and “jam”. “Hey, there’s Onion Jam in my burger. WTF! And the bread is Turkish! No wonder it costs $19.50! It must be freakin’ gourmet!” I don’t know who they’re trying to kid.. That said, the onion jam (and the onion jam alone) was in fact, terrific. The rest was just an average mess.”

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