Portland Hotel

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Portland Hotel – Cr Russel and Little Collins Streets, Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia
Portland Emu Burger
Dress Code:
Smart Casual
3 minutes
Would we recommend:
If you’re in the area

Chances are that when you’re tossing up between eating at the Portland Hotel or it’s neighbour James Squire Brewhouse you’ll see a similarity in menus. In fact they’re the same venue. The Portland is where you might see a family sitting down for dinner, whereas the James Squire Brewhouse might be more suited for those caring more about a scoreboard rather than how anyone’s day has been. They are serviced by the same kitchen, dishing out your traditional Pub meals thrown in with some Modern-Australian twists like Char Grilled Kangaroo Fillet or as we decided, the Emu Burger. It came upon a Turkish style bun with lettuce, roasted tomatoes, gorgonzola cheese, roasted capsicum relish, mayonnaise and a side of chips. Being Melbourne CBD’s only working micro brewery, you’d best grab yourselves a beer to wash it all down.

“I think this burger was trying a little too hard. Although I kind of enjoyed it, I was left a little unsatisfied. The emu pattie was nothing great, just something different. Being such a lean meat it wasn’t that juicy or tender. I quite enjoyed the capsicum relish and the sharp bite of the gorgonzola cheese. Once again the dreaded Turkish bread was used, but I will say it was one of the better ones… a crime all the same.”
“This burger made me all confused and dizzy; I didn’t know what to do. First off the flavours of the gorgonzola and tomatoes were too overpowering, so I removed most of it, then the emu pattie itself tasted a bit like a scourer so I just gave up. This was way too much effort for a hangover. Very well presented though.”
“I really wanted to like this burger. I really tried, but no dice. The emu pattie was a little bland and dry, and my bun was a little over toasted. The roasted capsicum took-over and if that wasn’t enough the gorgonzola added a sharpness that really did not suit the burger. This burger was trying to do too much. My message this week is ‘keep it simple’. Chips weren’t that good.”
“Totally not what I was expecting. I really thought it would taste a lot more like koala, or even maybe chicken. What we found here was pure, super lean emu mince. But as we all know a lean burger isn’t really a good one. Still, I rate it because it was bold and unlike anything I’d ever had before. The closest description I can offer is if you can imagine eating a really lean bit of beef that was mixed with kangaroo or rabbit mince (gamey). With some carefully selected ingredients added its obvious some thought has gone into creating this burger. The gorgonzola was like a flavoursome lovebite, contrasting the emu pattie’s laid back (stereotypically Australian) flavours. It may be a bit gimmicky, and is possibly aimed at tourists or those who’ve eaten just about every meat under the sun, but going by the research they’ve put into this one, I’d go back to try their beef burger for sure.”

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