Thursday, December 23, 2010
Grill’d – 157 Chapel St, Windsor, Victoria, Australia
The Full Minty
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7 minutes
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If you’re in the area

Those burger lovin’ guys from Grill’d have done it again. Having just returned from their Burger Love Tour – where the Grill’d Airstream Van popped up across locations around Melbourne and Sydney giving out free burgers – they’ve announced a new burger to their already impressive lineup. With summer upon us, their newest addition to the menu is The Full Minty. We ate it on a traditional bun with a lean lamb pattie, beetroot, rocket, tomato, spanish onion, herbed mayo and Mint Jelly.
Available for a limited time.

“Considering what they were trying to achieve, I think they didn’t do a bad job. Although it still has the typical Grill’d taste (due to an overload of their signature herb mayo), I found that the mint jelly added a subtle sweetness. Not being too sure of what to expect from a lamb pattie, I found it juicy, brittle and still quite chewy, really reminding me of roast lamb. The bun was a little over toasted and crunchy, and I thought there was a bit too much rocket. Overall I didn’t dislike it, but I just can’t see myself ordering another one.”
“As with everything at Grill’d, the lamb was full of herbs, to accompany that there’s the herbed mayo and then theres the herb covered chips. It seems like they’re trying to make up for the fact that there isn’t much flavour going on. They don’t do any special meal deals so after ordering chips, sauce and a drink it works out very expensive and just not worth it. They also burnt one side of my bun to black charcoal. I’ll give them credit for trying something new but they failed miserably.”
“Not the best burger that I have had at Grill’d, but it did the job. The lamb pattie was cooked to a decent standard and tasted good, the texture however for me felt wrong, it was too chunky. The beetroot worked, but personal choice would have been to remove it. The thinly sliced red onion added a good sharp dimension to the burger accompanied with a great generous serving of mayo – there was no need to add any additional. Would I recommend it? Only if you have an open mind and NEED to try something new, otherwise I’d stick with the Mighty Melbourne thanks.”
“This is probably the first time I’ve ever eaten a burger with beetroot and not thought about removing it. It actually worked brilliantly here. Their “big deal item”– the Mint Jelly – brought on more of an after taste, but it was still a nice touch. Then we have the the lamb: on its own it was quite soft and juicy, but it got lost amidst the rest of the ingredients and didn’t steal the show the way a good pattie should. The worst thing is that the Herbed Mayo really killed any potential this burger had. I hate to say it because I love it so much with chips as well as in more traditional burgers. But its such a defining flavour and it just took over The Full Minty making it taste more or less the same as any other traditional Grill’d burger – but not for the better. Maybe replacing the mayo with a dollop of Natural Yoghurt would allow for the lamb and mint to really sing? Anyhow, for a Summer Special I guess I was just hoping for something a bit more special.”

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You guys really need to stop reviewing burgers, not sure what qualifies you as an expert with an opinion people should listen to. Maybe you could put a bit more about yourself on your website, so people can decide if you should have a voice before reviewing anyone else. With my expert opinion, statements you make personal to yourself should not be voiced! You may like some things and dislike others but that’s just you. If something is bad that everyone dislikes, eg off meat or a bug in your food, by all means comment, but the rest, leave to the masses. In this economic client, any business, particularly new small business, need help and support, after all the ATO say they keep the country going! Get over yourself please. Praise the brave and good, and only criticise the things MOST people would dislike!
If the Matt Preston’s of the world, who have earned a right to be heard on the subject of food like places like Andrews hamburgers, who are you to disagree?
A wise man once said, Real food pros don’t call them self foodies!

Master chef ( February 27, 2013 at 11:45 )

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