Strange Wolf

Friday, July 6, 2012

Strange Wolf – Strachan Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Wolf Burger
Dress Code:
Smart Casual
9 minutes
Would we recommend:
$12 inc. fries

Apart from a few unmentionables, there aren’t many combos better than “Burgers & Beer”. If you’re walking down Exhibition St your gaze might just be distracted with this very scribble. You see, like everything Melbourne these days, the cool cats behind this magnificent offering ask you to go down a laneway and then head down some stairs. You’ll pass the neon Strange Wolf sign and walk into a world of pot plants, concrete pillars, a weird sort-of alcove where dining occurs and of course, the bar. The guys at Strange Wolf have kept their menus pretty simple – in a great way. Offering a bunch of burgers and a decent drinks list that’s not “scary complicated” keeps things moving and really embodies “quality over quantity”. We sidled up to the bar and ordered ourselves their signature Wolf Burger that comes with grilled beef, caramelized onion, pickles, melted mozzarella, roma tomato and iceberg lettuce. On the side they dish up a fun-sized cone of fries and a shot-glass full of ketchup.

“These guys are definitely doing something right. You really get bang for your buck with this burger. A great sized pattie that’s perfectly char grilled on the outside and pink, juicy and full of flavour on the inside. I do have to say there is something that does remind me of a sort of gourmet Whopper, but don’t mistake this for a bad thing or something they were aiming for. A classic bun holds in the sweet crunchy pickles, gooey melted cheese and sliced tomato. All accompanied with a creamy dressing that gives the perfect finish. A small but delicious amount of french fries was the perfect side. I did kind of wish they had something to offer for dessert though.”
“The best way to describe this burger is to compare it to a Whopper made with love, care and attention. The beef was cooked with just enough char on the outside but still retained a lot of its juiciness and flavour. It had a really rustic, smashed up texture to it allowing the cheese to melt into every little crevice perfectly. Luckily the gigantic slices of pickle were quite mild as anything stronger would of been way too over powering. Now I’ve been known to be quite fond of a nightclub or two an,d am obviously very fond of burgers. However, I dont like the idea of the two of them combined. With this place being underground, very dark, with techno music playing at 7pm – it just reminded me of 3am. I know I’m weird but if I’m drinking I dont want to eat and if I’m eating I dont want to drink.”
“A simple burger, full of attitude for a great price of $12 and “yes”, it also comes with a teasing amount of chips that will leave you wanting more of everything. The pattie was cooked to perfection and full of flavour. The crispy sharpness of the the pickle made it the perfect wingman to this pattie. There was a light dressing flavour in the background but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. But whatever it was it stayed at back of the palette and made me love each bite. Served in a paper funnel, the crispy chips were great.”
“Usually when a burger is hyped up, I’m suspiscious straight away. I know people might recommend it and might say it’s awesome, but at 3am a double Quarter Pounders from Maccas are pretty damn awesome. But then I heard an American accent wafting over the sound of the grill and I felt a little more assured we might be getting something decent. Then unfortunately, it came out looking a bit average. I almost begrudgingly took the shots whilst the guys ate in silence. But then once I bit in I rejoiced and realised why the others weren’t talking. This meat was devine – grilled beautifully with hints of smokiness, a touch of char and a nice amount of fattiness. The rest of the burger did its job and let the meat remain the hero. The chips weren’t in abundance but for 12 bucks I can forgive them. I really enjoyed this one.”
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I think I’ve completely lost faith now given the Merrywell with its grey meat and bacon that’s basically burnt is rated better than this.

Oh and you should have had the Wagyu… the wolf is great but the Wagyu is truly devine (albeit more expensive yet still cheaper than the Merrywell).

Ray ( July 6, 2012 at 15:39 )

Burgers are no longer on the menu. Apparently an ongoing problem with their exhaust.

em ( January 24, 2013 at 16:23 )

They’re back!!!

We had “The Underbelly” ($15) today, which had free-range pork belly, smoked cheese, pickle, applesalw & BBQ sauce. On the Brioche bun and with a pot of Budvar ($5), it was great.
Also Wolf, Mongrel Deluxe and Mr Schroom are on the list.

Only thing we found was the “oven roasted kipfler potato fat chips” that came with the burger aren’t really “chips”, but roast potatoes. Really did feel like some light fluffy fries or hand-cut chips to go with this awesome burger.

Really made our Friday lunch.

Toolio666 ( March 1, 2013 at 15:27 )

This place has closed 🙁 RIP great burgers

gxc ( November 17, 2013 at 08:51 )

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