The Bottom End

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Bottom End – 579 Lt Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Shane Warne’s Personal Best
Dress Code:
Smart Casual
45 minutes
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Don’t expect much (unless you’re starving)

By now you’ve all heard about “this Bottom End joint”. You might’ve heard that this is where the booze and burgers are abundant, or it’s where the kids do the disco dancing on a Saturday night? What are we talking about? You most likely read all about it here when we visited Delaney, Hockers and Chef Ezra last year. Since then the dudes have been busy and are always trying to out do themselves conquering a different burger theme at a time. So popular have some of these temporary burger experiments been, that they’ve become household names and have cemented themselves on the epic Bottom End burger menu. When we caught up with the guys last they drummed into us their unapologetic attitude dedicated to having a bloody great time, all the time. So with that in mind, and with a bit of tongue-in-cheek, their new burger option soaks up all these ideals and, a little bit extra. Arriving at the bar on a Saturday evening, with beer orders placed there was nothing left to do but to order Shane Warne’s Personal Best. Wedged in between a glazed burger bun we received two beef patties (check the menu now and it says you’ll be getting one), bacon, beetroot, egg, onion, Coon cheese and ketchup. Sitting galantly at it’s side are some tantalising house spiced fries and 3 mac’n’cheese balls.

“I’m usually extremely embarrassed and rarely admit to people that on the rare occasion I can’t finish a burger. However, this one had me completely stumped and I honestly dont know many who could polish off this entire burger. Obviously the double patties were the first obstacle: both were cooked fairly well done and ended up being quite tough and chewy. To then add insult to injury they throw in the creaminess of egg, cheese and sauce that takes up valuable stomach real estate. My latest and greatest obsession has been the humble onion ring and I’ve come to the conclusion that they only belong next to the burger and not inside where it turns to mush. Would love to try a smaller, less intense version.”
“I really wanted to like this burger. I was conflicted by how much I love all the Bottom End burgers and how they usually bang out these awesome thingw day-in-day-out. But the Warnie really didn’t bowl me over at all. To begin with I don’t think they needed two patties; with all the ingredients this burger has already in it I don’t feel the two patties belonged in there. The patties really weren’t that great anyway. On the plus side the egg was cooked to a runny goodness and the cheese was so beautifully melted that together these two combined into a great ooze.”
“Yep, they warned us. I don’t know if it was because I’d been on the chicken wings and drink for most of the day but, this thing defeated me. It was big bad mother-effer and you need to bring an appetite if you plan on leaving with a clean plate. First off, the Mac’n’Cheese balls – amazing as always. The main thing I got out of this burger was the sweetness that came from the beetroot, bacon and bun. But, overall the burger disappointed me a little. I can see why they named it after the legend that is Warne. It was ridiculous. There was just so much going on. The patties weren’t overly impressive and lacked the quality that I’m used to at Bottom End. This meal feels like its a bit more of a “screw it I’m hungry I’ll eat anything” type of thing, that seriously drunk folk would appreciate. Sadly I wasn’t that drunk. I did end up with quite the full stomach and with sauce all over my face like a champ. But next time I’d be sticking to the Classic Cheesy Bacon burger.”
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Hey Burghers!

Yes the Warnie is an intense experience, many colleagues choose to eat it ‘bun free’ so the gut space is not wasted on the bread.
I am mystified by the double meat vibe though… I am pretty sure these things never had double patties – maybe Or had not had his meds the night you attended,
Catch you soon

Michael Delany ( August 25, 2012 at 08:37 )

Had the Reuben burger the other night. It was quite nice and different… but probably not filling enough on its own… I considered a second but opted for liquid top ups instead. Good work on something different though.

Strange Wolf’s Mongrel Deluxe still topping my list for the year though 😉

Ray ( August 27, 2012 at 22:50 )

I had the Warnie a few days ago. I finished it, but I find that with anything I’ve ordered at The Bottom End, it’s a messy experience, this one even more so.

Jack ( September 1, 2012 at 20:25 )

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