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Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe’s Bar & Dining Hall – 64-66 Acland St, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia
Spicy Beef Burger
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Smart Casual
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For more than nearly 30 years Greasy Joe’s has been one of Melbourne’s most iconic establishments, serving up it’s signature burgers and amazingly huge breakfasts. So when this Acland St icon came up for sale, Rob Gringlas jumped at the opportunity to reinvent it into something that still holds some original charm. After returning home following a stint in the UK, Gringlas wanted to bring the best of what he saw around the world to St Kilda. Losing the “Greasy” and reopening as Joe’s Bar & Dining Hall, they have undergone a huge transformation with a hip new fit-out, a casual yet refined menu and a drinks list of great cocktails, local beers and Australian wines. Paying homage to its past life, the menu still includes burgers and sliders as well as other dishes like roast pumpkin and marscapone risotto plus a decent selection of steaks. We however, went straight to the burger section of the menu and ordered their Spicy beef burger that comes with a 100% Galloway beef pattie, jalapenos, onions, double cheese, lettuce, tomato sauce, cayenne and chipotle mayo.

“I really liked the new fitout and the new menu; its a lot more grown up and appropriate for the area. The burger was really well presented, however it came open and I like my burger already stacked because I’m not very confident with putting it together without making a giant mess. Also, because I’m pretty tough and love my spicy food, I added more of the spicy sauce they offered us. There was just the right amount of jalapenos in the burger adding enough kick with each bite but not too many that you start sweating profusely. I’m not sure the double cheese was necessary but I guess it added a creaminess to match the spice. The beef was nice but the flavour didn’t really come through when competing with the other ingredients.”
“Nothing but standouts the entire way for me with this burger. The soft traditional bun was exceptional and the pattie was tasty, big and obviously prepared by someone who loves their meat. What also worked for me was the chargrilled taste that lurked on the back of the palate along with the double grilled cheese which, is always going to win points in my book. The jalapenos with red onion added that fresh crunch to each bite and was a great way to break-up the dominating flavour of the beef. Overall, both the burger and the chips were great.”
“By now you should all know I have a little bit of an obsession with chipotle. So when I find a burger with chipotle mayonnaise you know I’m going to get a little excited. Because of our last rather bland experience under the venue’s previous guise I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high. But this burger was great. The pattie was soft and ground coarsely to give it a nice crumble with every bite. The red onion really shone and played nice next to the jalapenos. As far as the chipotle mayo goes it was ok, but I was hoping it could’ve been even smokier and spicier. Overall a really decent burger. I’d almost say best I’ve had in St Kilda for a while.”
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Bangs Boutique, in Wellington St Collingwood, was responsible for the fit out. He’s a gun.

Tkobird ( October 12, 2012 at 12:00 )

After reading this I headed straight over. Had the Pork sliders and the Joe’s burger. The Sliders were perfect and a Very Very good burger and great service. Definitely going back !!

db ( October 13, 2012 at 14:29 )

This is by far the worst restaurant I have ever been to. The service was terrible from the get go. When we arrived a man, instead of greeting us, tried to turn us away from the half empty establishment by saying ‘I know it doesn’t look it but we are really busy and there will be too long of a wait’. We decided to stay regaurdless of his poor attitude and just order drinks while we waited. Big mistake. As we waited to be served (just for drinks) we watched countless other would be patrons turned away by the same man (there is no way I would want this person working in a restaurant for me chasing away my business). Eventually 1 of the 6 people behind the bar cleaning glasses came over and we orded our drinks. What we ended up with could not have been more of a disappointment. Needless to say we didn’t bother sticking around to even try and order the food. I would certainly never recommend this place to anyone. Pitty, it used to be one of the better venues in St Kilda for a feed.

Disappointed ( January 1, 2013 at 16:43 )

I have been into Joe’s Bar now a few times and I have to say that the burgers are getting better and better! I had the cheeseburger last time and loved the bun and the fact they steam it and this time went in for the Spicy chicken with avocado and loved it! To finish off we had one of the peanut butter sundaes and wished we had ordered two!

Can’t wait to go back for another burger and try the fried chicken we have heard people rave about!

Deborah ( January 5, 2013 at 17:15 )

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