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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Parlour Diner – 64 Chapel Street, Windsor, Victoria, Australia
Parlour Burger
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That’s right, Melbourne has another American-style Diner. What separates this place from the other dozen Americana eateries around town is the subtleness of the dining area. Even though it gives nod to some old school American diner properties like the long bar, the stools, the table layout and the open style kitchen. It still has that certain unique Melbourne cafe quality to it, whether it be the Asian style pork sliders that appear in the menu or the fine china used in service, it all represents Melbourne’s multicultural casual quirkiness. This of course is all backed by some great, friendly service and coffee aroma that greets you at the door. We chose to smash the Parlour Burger that came with a 8oz Beef pattie, tomato, lettuce, cheese, pickles on a brioche bun.

“This burger wasn’t exactly what I expected from these guys given the decor, menu and atmosphere of the diner. And, after a little tweaking I was a very happy camper. At most I enjoy a little bit of lettuce to add a bit of crunch and texture in a burger. I don’t actually want to taste all that greenery, so when presented with this much sharp and bitter flavour I promptly removed it. What lied beneath was a thick, juicy, well seasoned beef pattie covered in perfectly melted cheese on a super soft and glistening sesame bun. Just a word of warning, there is a small and sharp skewer hiding, like a tree trunk holding up all those leaves.”
“What I loved and hated about this burger was the imperfection of it. Like the pattie tasting great, but being over cooked. Great choice of bun, but cut unevenly leaving the base really thin. There was too much green stuff, but I loved the pickles. There is a trend here of good things working for this burger, but maybe lacking that extra bit of care that could really make it pop. Loved the curly fries though, no if’s or but’s about that!”
“This is a fresh, tasty summertime burger. Especially when you couple it with some curly fries, onion rings and maybe even a milkshake. Although the pattie was thick and juicy, all that greenery almost made me think I was eating healthy for once. But it only took more two bites for that bull to poke its horns out of the forest and remind me I was eating a meaty and a lovingly fatty hamburger. Between it and the lettuce, I actually missed all the rest of the other ingredients. Whether this was because the burger was super balanced or they were drowned out by the Amazon amount of lettuce I’m note sure. I’d definitely head back with a crew next time I’m around.”
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Burger had FAR too much lettuce. Patty was cooked well, but mince was coarse. Bun good. Condiments good. Fix two issues and burger worth ‘definitely’ rating. Also, Obama win election. Sorry for no spoiler alert. Also, Rick dies in the Walking Dead and entire cast of Glee turns gay. Except for characters who were already gay. They turn into zombies. Obama kills them.

Judge Fedd ( November 7, 2012 at 16:54 )

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chtmkmnzqvf ( February 18, 2013 at 13:36 )

I loved the burger Asian pork burger with slaw and would def. recommend their Key Lime Pie! And the Thor-look alike cute bartender (guess he was the owner) is a bonus treat 🙂

KaraZorEl ( July 19, 2013 at 12:17 )

They don’t add as much lettuce anymore, so it isn’t as annoying.

The chicken burger is also worth a plug – they nail fried chicken and the sauce is delicious

RudyValise ( March 6, 2014 at 14:35 )

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