Prospect Espresso

Friday, February 22, 2013

Prospect Espresso – 2a Prospect Hill Rd,
Camberwell, Victoria, Australia
The Prospect Burger
Dress Code:
Smart Casual
14 minutes
Would we recommend:
If you’re in the area

Co-owners Matt Ward and Mitch Haworth’s first venture is primarily all about great coffee, but they also knew they’d have to build a mouth watering menu to match. Prospect Espresso was a well need addition to the Camberwell cafe scene, boasting a warm and cosy interior filled with natural raw materials. The beautiful custom made communal table commands the room but also offers a generous amount of side dining tables that work perfectly in the smalll and well-thought out used space. Using a range of seasonal ingredients their lunch menu offers a variety of fresh, tasty bites as well as a couple of good ol’ meaty offerings including their Prospects Burger. The house made minced beef is accompanied by bacon, cheese, pickles, and lettuce all in a soft bun. On the side you’ll find some crunchy fat chips with creamy aioli.

“I can’t believe I left this place without finishing my chips or trying their coffee, but the burger was so rich and full of flavour I couldn’t possibly cram any more into my stomach. Really well presented with a skewer holding everything together, the flavours that stood out for me were the perfectly cooked, thick and salty piece of bacon that contrasted really well with the soft creaminess of the melted cheese and aioli. The beef patty was minced coarsely and kept it really juicy and tasty, and the sweet, seed covered bun kept everything together pretty well.”
“This is a sexy piece of work. The bun shone, the cheese oozed and I swear the bacon winked at me as it lay underneath, inviting me to take my first bite. Before I did though, I unloaded my chips strategically onto the plate to catch all the burger’s juices. First bite in: big success, a lot of juice seasoned chips. The coarsely ground pattie didn’t have a lot of seasoning but this worked in its favour. The semi-sweet bun was tasty but was a bit doughy, leaving me with a bunch of it left on my plate. The bacon and cheese combo were by far my highlight. The bacon was lean as hell and there was a whole lot of it – I didn’t want it to stop. A really well-balanced burger that’s sure to be known as the toast of Camberwell.”
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I don’t get it. Your reviews make it sound great but you only gave it a “Only if you’re in the area”. Why’s that?

Neil ( February 22, 2013 at 10:38 )

Listen to fans!

I’m with Neil, this has to be a prospect for the 2013 burger list!

Personally I think the big fat patty is amazing. It’s big and juicy and holds it moisture quite well with out being over the top with the umami.

Personal preference leads me away from the Wagu flavour palate/mouth feel and more to the Angus (I hope people don’t think this is racist) but I guess this is more nostalgic like the burgers had growing up as kid.

As a side note everything inside this epic burger is first class and the bun is ridic balls with extra crunch on top.

This is a clear winner! I think you should bump up the rating to a resounding
“Definitely”. if not a “Go Now”!

Shirt Off Man ( March 6, 2013 at 16:52 )

I also think this rating should be upgraded. The burger is very good, but it’s the overall meal that makes prospect deserve it. The chips are amazing and the presentation is first class!

Even ( April 9, 2013 at 15:28 )

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