Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fergburger – 42 Shotover St, Queenstown, New Zealand
Dress Code:
10 minutes
Would we recommend:
$11 NZD / $9.20 AUD

It’s safe to say that Fergburger is the most famous burger in New Zealand. Starting out as a random hole in the wall burger joint where inebriated locals could get there late night hunger fix, they’ve now moved into one of the main streets of Queenstown. Open 21 hours and pretty much always busy means that you should be prepared to eat your burger standing, or leaning against a pole if its 3 in the A.M. Offering a variety of different burger options ranging from classics to more contemporaries like A Chief Wiggum that has pork belly and apricot seeded mustard there’s enough there to let you try a new burger every day of your stay (if you stayed for 3 weeks). As if they weren’t happy enough with being the most sought after burger in town, the Ferg crew opened their very own bakery next door where they source all their buns from. Having snacked on one of Fergbaker’s pies as an entrée we hastily ordered ourselves their famous Fergburger that came with Prime New Zealand beef, lettuce, tomato, red onion, aioli & tomato relish.

“It’s nearly impossible to mention the words “Queenstown” and “burger” without someone interrupting and screaming at you “You have to try fergburger!”. Even if said person has never even been to Queenstown let alone been to Fergburger. Dont get me wrong, this is a good burger: a large crusty (but soft on the inside bun) thats baked in-house tries its best to contain the great peppery piece of beef cooked medium. Unfortunately the really sweet chutney overpowered the cheese and the thick cut tomatos and, the fresh red onion pretty much all fell out the bottom. I understand the hype because they are meeting the needs of an easily impressed crowd – you’ve either spent the whole day skiing and are completly knackered and starving or, you are blind drunk at 3am, completely knackered and starving, add on top of that there’s up to a 45 minute wait and anything will taste better than it actually is in reality.”
“This place came highly recommended to us and now that I’ve been I can see why. It’s open till late, so it’s always a good place to visit while having a night on the town. It’s also great for a feed to quench that hunger that you get from hitting the snow fields (in my case, falling on the snowfields – A lot!) and the service was friendly and efficient in taking and processing the orders. Where I tend to disagree with the recommendations is that this burger really didn’t blow me away. Sure it’s a filling burger and tastes ok, especially for those people that have polluted their taste buds with alcohol and are scoffing down a burger at 2am. But for me, I have to say it left me unfulfilled. The pattie was ok, but really didn’t possess anything special that stuck out. Add the bun that was soft and airy, but unfortunately I didn’t think it was a burger bun, It’s more of a breakfast bun you can split and eat worm with some jam in the mornings. One positive for me was the tomato relish, I found that it really brought some signature character to the burger”
“Overall this was pretty good. With their own bakery next door I wasn’t suprised to find a super fresh bun. The New Zealand pattie was large, peppery and hit the spot. The lettuce, onions and cheese were all good but I wanted more from the cheddar – it got lost. Probably because of all the chutney that was a bit overpowering. Some bites reminded me a bit of Raph’s Beat Box burger but in this case, the meat wasn’t the hero – it seemed the chutney was. It was crazy sweet like a Sweet Chilli Sauce on ‘roids, but I guess you could almost call it their signature. Ok, so this burger was real good, but didn’t live up to the amazing hype.”


Oh Fergburger, you saucy minx!

Had it late 2010 during our honeymoon (a few times, natch) and MAAAAN what a burger…!

But perhaps it’s diminished in quality since?


We’re going Queenstown again next month (good ol’ ski/snow holidays) so I’ll be curious to see if it’s as good as it was in 2010 or if, as per your review, it’s no longer THE burger to have.


Pretzel Thief ( June 7, 2013 at 11:59 )

100% agree, the chutney wasv too much. When it was scraped off we were way happier. Cool dining experience for queenstown though.

Niels ( June 7, 2013 at 15:37 )

It’s just a burger, really. I’ve been in Queenstown since before Ferg was a hole in the wall burger joint up the top of Cow Lane so I’m qualified to comment on this.

Ferg is a marketing success, and that’s pretty much it. Like the review states, it appeals to an easily impressed crowd and anyone will appreciate it to an unjustified degree when they’re starving after a 45 minute wait – a wait that is not worth the quality of the food, I’m afraid.

Fergburger is like fashion; someone somewhere says it’s the ‘in thing’ and you’re not cool if you don’t agree. Almost no-one gives Fergburger an objective appraisal because they’re afraid of being out the loop.

That said, the last Fergburger I ever got was pink all the way through.

Never again.

Local Hero ( October 28, 2013 at 19:42 )

Oh my gosh what is wrong with you people???
I went to Queenstown in February this year and obviously did the Fergburger experience straight up just to say I had done it. I was not disappointed at all. It was definietly the best burger I have had in my life bah none.
I read a comment from 2013 that said the quality must have diminished since then? Ah, No! The comination of flavours and the sheer size of the buger itself made it definitely worth the money.
The only fault I could find was essentially my fault. I ordered a double Fergburger assuming that they would be of Big Mac proportions not tiwce the size of one. I couldn’t finish it but I tried my bloody hardest coz it was so delicious.
I think any claim that something is the best of its kind will most definitley open doors to people needing to leave their whining two bobs worth that they’ve had better. Human nature.
Love the Fergburger!

Aussie Traveller ( May 28, 2015 at 13:09 )

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