The Corner Hotel

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Corner Hotel – 57 Swan St, Richmond, Victoria, Australia
Corner Chilli Burger (Double)
Dress Code:
20 minutes
Would we recommend:
Don’t expect much

One of Melbourne’s great homes of music, the iconic Corner Hotel in Richmond is only a skip and a jump away from the city and very accessible from Richmond Train Station. The Corner has been a part of the Melbourne music scene since the 1940’s; fast forward to today where some of the biggest DJ’s and bands in the world still get butts moving on its dance floor. As well as pumping great music, the Corner’s rooftop kitchen is better known for pumping out some decent pub grub to the Richmond local, but also those wanting a bite before a gig. The open rooftop area is substantially covered from the weather elements with more than enough tables and seating to please the crowds. We thought we would try the Corner Chilli Burger (Double) with two Ranger Valley wagyu beef patties, lettuce, onion, tomato, cheese, jalapenos, chipotle mayo and a serve of chips on the side.

“Even though I’ve attended many gigs at the Corner, this was actually the first time I’ve ventured upstairs to the massive rooftop beer garden. Straight away I knew this was going to be a challenge to get through and consume in a dignified manner… and I was right. We did not need to go with the double; the beef was an off grey colour and somehow instead of being juicy, was “wet”. The two patties were both completely enveloped by a huge amount of stringy cheese that by the end felt like biting into rubber. In some cuisines, spices are added to mask poor quality meat, which I presume is the only reason jalapenos and chipotle were used in this burger. I’ll be back, however just for the live music.”
“The pattie was wagyu beef, but I can’t say I thought much of it. It felt and tasted like an everyday beef pattie. Those wagyu qualities just weren’t there for me. For an extra $2 we decided to go for the double pattie, but I think a single would’ve been enough. Some things that impressed me were the minimum amount of green stuff and the seductive amount of melted cheese all over the pattie. Another thing that really impressed me was the creamy characteristics the burger took on from the chipotle mayo – a really nice balance of cream and spice. The chips were OK.”
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Surely Wagyu beef now means as much as saying its angus beef. Like, really, is it really wagyu?

Anonymous ( September 16, 2013 at 19:55 )

I don’t know what you guys ate but I drive across town to smash down this Burger. I rate the burger at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne as 1 of the best I have devoured anywhere. The Rangers Valley Pattie is juicy and packed full of rich beef flavour. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Tony Kopa ( September 18, 2013 at 19:09 )

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