Pickle n’ Roast

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pickle n’ Roast – 724 Burke Rd, Camberwell, Victoria, Australia
Cheese Burger
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8 minutes
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Don’t expect much

Pickle n’ Roast Healthy Food Outlet is a relative newcomer to Camberwell junction. They offer a limited menu of sandwiches, burgers, soups and coffee that are all available to dine in, take-away or local delivery. Pickle n’ Roast is setup much like most other cafés and won’t stand out in your mind as being on trend or hipster. Instead they focus on making memorable meals with good produce. With five burgers on the menu, including a vegetarian option, we went with the Cheese Burger Meal with chips, which for some reason is the only burger available in a meal, that comprised of a Pickle n’ Roast beef pattie, cheese, ketchup, mayo and a bun covered in melted mozzarella cheese.

“Luckily we were in no rush and weren’t particularly starving when we first walked in, as this burger took forever to arrive, and considering we were the only people there and the staff to patron ratio was 1:1, the long wait was puzzling to say the least. Having not taken much notice of the menu, I was a little surprised to discover both sides of the bun covered in greasy melted cheese, completely consuming the small beef patty covered in more cheese. The patty was thin, possibly store bought and possibly frozen before hitting the heat as it really lacked any flavour or colouring. It really reminded me of something I potentially would’ve made myself while bored and hungry on school holidays in about year 9.”
“A simple, but yet filling burger. For some reason the top bun was hollow but this was definitely a good idea because I can’t imagine how filling it would’ve been with all the extra dough. The tasty cheese and the mayo combined well to cover and moisten the thin beef pattie. The melted mozzarella on the bun was a good move and something I’ve never encountered before however, it did make the whole meal very greasy.”
“What an oddity. I’ve never in my life seen this before. Whenever a waiter brings me a knife and fork at a Burger Adventure I always laugh to myself at how they’re wasting their time. But after I grabbed the oily, mozzarella covered bun I kind of get why they were there. Whether or not it was by design, all that oil was balanced out by a rather lean pattie. There was also a lot of herbs that came through like rosemary and oregano. Some of you may know that I love mayo in burger, but it’s only really doing its job if you’ve got tomato to help it out. There wasn’t any here so I had to add more ketchup which did help the burger a bit. Great: it wasn’t. But it sure was memorable.”
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