Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Warburger – Cr Puławska & Dąbrowskiego, Mokotów, Warsaw, Poland
Dress Code:
10 minutes
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If you’re in the area
19PLN/$6.45 AUD

Whenever you’re in a new country it’s always recommended to go and eat where the locals eat. Thanks to the burger craze hitting Poland over the last couple of years, at Warburger you’ll be right at home tucking into a hamburger side-by-side with genuine Polaks. The guys behind the burger wheeling kiosk were looking to provide locals with a decent alternative to the swamp of kebab shops across Poland. For owners Adam and Bartek, it was important to show the good-folk of Poland that a hamburger wasnt just a measley piece of minced meat between some bread. So they went about sourcing all local produce, baking their own buns and branching out into different styles of burgers including a range of gourmet twists on the classics, as well as a venison burger. The venue itself only has space for a handful of people, but on a warm day you won’t have a worry in the world because it’s surrounded by park benches and shady trees. Unlucky for me it was a rainy summer’s day so I sat under cover waiting for my Cheeseburger that came out on a buttermilk bun, with a 100% Polish beef pattie, Mimolette cheese, tomato, lettuce and red onion. Purely because I could, as I walked out I helped myself to one of their free apples available to the customers.

“Seeing the kiosk popping up out of a grassy, little reserve gave the whole establishment a kind of early day Shake Shack vibe. Locals told me that this place was pretty popular and the wait time might be over 40 minutes. However, lucky for me, with Polish holidays in full swing and rain coming in sideways I only waited 35 – and not because it was particularly busy. Once I got my burger and bit in I got a surprise; there was nothing fantastic about it! The pattie was nicely salted but I really only tasted any beefiness when I tried it on its own. The buttermilk bun was on the sweet side but still a nice change from brioche. Overall it was decent feed but if were to go back I’d be trying their seasonal or more experimental burgers.”

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