Wednesday, December 18, 2013

MEATliquor – 74 Welbeck Street, W1G 0BA, London, UK
Green Chili Cheeseburger
Dress Code:
Smart Casual
8 minutes
Would we recommend:
If you’re in the area
£8/$14.60 AUD

You can’t accuse the gents behind MEATLiquor of being ambiguous. When you hear about it or see its neon signs there isn’t much left to the imagination right? You might expect MEATliquor to be a little like what everyone else is doing: embracing the classic diner style with a little bit of alcohol to sip on the side. Well, it’s a little bit of the opposite. When you do manage to be let in by the bouncer (after waiting for an hour), that first step inside the dark, loud, graffiti soaked venue resembles more of a nightclub than a restaurant. Don’t be fooled by all of this because MEATliquor is still all about meat and liquor. The people behind it all started it in what’s looking like a trend for most success stories: humble beginnings serving out of a van (MEATwagon), then moving to pop ups (#MEATeasy) and finally to a couple of fixed spots (recently opened in Brighton). The guys are Chef Yiannis Papoutsis and Scott Collins, who met at MEATwagon one night. Collins was so impressed with the product that he arranged for Chef Yiannis to open up at Collin’s pub for a night – then the word spread. With an all-out attitude that dares you to eat and drink ’til you drop, their menu consists of plenty of juicy burgers and drinks to make you stumble home. After a recommendation from one of the waitresses/burgerettes I went for the Chili Cheeseburger that came with a beef pattie, chili butter, cheese, red onions, pickles, lettuce, mustard and ketchup (and a Jameson to boot).

“The first bite was great: soft and with a hit of spice. But then it got boring. The spice did have some kick, but it wasn’t enough to force my tastebuds into submission. I imagine the cheese, that I completley missed, did its part in calming the chillis fire. The beef was a nice pink on the inside with lots of char on the outside but it had no character. It tasted under-salted and didn’t have any boldness to it. This place has lots of street cred, so if I went back I’d like try their simple meat and bun burger, as I think the chilli (although tasty) didn’t do the beef any favours.”
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