The Sporting Globe

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Sporting Globe – 690 – 694 Mt Alexander Rd, Moonee Ponds
Royale Cheese
Dress Code:
12 minutes
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Don’t expect much

As with most trends in Australia, whether they are in culinary, fashion or entertainment fields, you’re safe to presume it’s been done for years in the US before reaching our shores. So it’s with no surprise the ever popular, be it kitsch man-caves known as ‘Sports Bars’ were going to start gaining popularity here. The Sporting Globe is exactly as you would expect, with dozens of flat screen plasmas showing every possible live sporting event going on from around the world (including personal ones in the dining booths), you can order a myriad of dude food including buffalo wings, pizza, wraps, chicken parma, steaks and burgers. We went with the ‘Royale Cheese’ burger that comes with Prime Australian aged beef, Monterey jack cheese, sliced pickles, Spanish onion, herb mayo, tomato sauce served with chunky steak fries.

“When you really simplify a burger, it usually consists of 3 main ingredients; a beef patty, cheese and bun. Unfortunately when the bun is the only positive to come out of the meal it usually results in a fairly forgettable experience. The beef was clearly a processed frozen patty, and even a healthy dollop of herb mayo on top could not hide the blandness. To add insult to injury, 2 slices of cold cheese added at the end had no chance to even begin melting. Credit must be given to the waitresses who appeared understaffed and really tried their best to accommodate everyone while running around in the 40 degree heat.”
“The pattie was really well cooked and had a real grill/smoky flavour which was nicely complimented by the subtle onion and pickle. The bun seemed to be too doughy, but compressed well when you palm it. Sauce-wise, I thought the mayo, relish and cheese combined well. Herb chips were ok. Overall the whole experience was satisfactory, but a very easily forgettable meal.”
“I do love a good adventure. Espescially when you’re so far off the scent you’ve never evern heard of the place you’re walking into. I went in hungry and hoping I’d get something decent. But, unlucky for me this train was an express to Crapsville. The kaiser style bun was huge and took up too much space. The pattie was atrocious: so overly spiced even that it was coloured red. I didn’t finish this burger. There was no need, or want for that matter.”
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Shit burger. Love your work Z.

Ben ( February 20, 2014 at 12:39 )

Everyone knows Sporting Globe is about the Buffalo Wings… and the dessert platter. Nothing else worth mentioning on the menu.

CindyN ( March 19, 2014 at 14:37 )

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