St Edmonds

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

St Edmonds – Rear 154 Greville Street, Prahran, Victoria, Australia
Wagyu Burger
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Smart Casual
8 minutes
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If you’re in the area

For decades Chapel St has been the place to see and be seen. These days its little brother, Greville St, seems to be the go-to place for all things boutique and chic; same goes for eateries like St Edmonds. Like a lot of great Melbourne venues, St Edmonds feels like a place made for Locals Only, even though it’s popularity has far surpassed the Pug walking Prahran natives. You’ll find that the venue has the soul of a garage, but they’ve got good food and coffee at the heart. We know they’ve been going strong since 2011, but we finally made our way down to try their Wagyu burger that came with a brioche bun, a Wagyu pattie, pickle, bacon, tomato relish, tasty cheese and lettuce.

“Not one to encourage overly processed patties with anything more than salt and pepper for seasoning, but the thick layer of crust on this patty had same seriously delicious flavour to it from what appeared to be garlic, oregano and speckles of chilli that gave it a bit of a kick. Add to this, a super crispy and salty piece of bacon, creamy melted cheese and a sweet chutney had all the contrasting flavours marrying together really well. All this sandwiched between a glistening brioche bun while throwing a few chips underneath to absorb any of the dripping juices meant I was left very content.”
“I’ve eaten breakfast here before and was turned on by their bacon. This was why I was excited to come back for a burger. It was pretty solid. The pattie had a nice charr and the bacon tasted like it’d been cooked over a camp fire. What let the burger down for me was the chutney: there was way too much chutney. I’d rather have not enough sauce and add my own then to have a burger have a lot of its meaty flavours drowned in sweet preserved vegetables. It had so much going for it but there was no need to go so fancy.”
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