Three Crowns

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Three Crowns – 365 Victoria St, West Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Three Crowns American Cheeseburger
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Some will argue that it’s North Melbourne, others West, but whichever way you look at it it’s still a great old pub for locals and tourists alike. Renovations have come and gone, but with it Three Crowns has taken on a new chef with an American inspired menu. Head Chef Chris Smith has given North Melbournians a selection of mouthwatering options like fried chicken, chilli cheese fries, tater tots and ribs from a smoker. Three Crowns know how to look after their locals, even giving them a 10% discount on a Sunday night. We had heard good things about their burger so we ordered a round of beers and a round of American Cheeseburgers that came with a 100% ground beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, bacon, tomato, “fancy sauce” and pickles on a brioche bun. For some extra coin you can double, or even triple your fun.

“You can see the care and attention that went into creating this burger, as it’s a far cry from your traditional pub burger. The American influence on the new menu is clearly obvious. Texture-wise, it did alright by me, with a super soft brioche bun, juicy patty and creamy cheese with the only crunch coming from the bacon and the barely noticeable lettuce and tomato. The fancy sauce added a nice little kick, which cut through all the subtle flavours that combined so well together.”
“A Pub-Burger is something that’s very close to this writers heart. Yeah, sometimes you have a burger you hope to forget due to its rissole-like patty and its slice of canned beetroot, however this was not the case. Even though this was one damn greasy experience, the meal itself was still reasonably good. The patty was cooked nicely and covered with melted cheese and delicious bacon. The bun really couldn’t hold it’s integrity even from when I received it, it even looked a bit soggy.The meal was uber filling so I advise on skipping a meal before you go. I did like the chips and the tip jar! My money went to the Stones (you’ll know what I mean when you go).”
“It looked impressive. Espescially with the site of the American cheese oozing out the sides. The spines of lettuce poking out of my burger worried me in the beginning but I came to find they didn’t impact my meal at all. There was an awesome sticky fattiness to each note. It coupled with the sweetness of the melted cheese oh so gloriously. For me this sets a standard of how a burger should be cooked. The bun was on the heavy side and after falling apart I actually left a quarter of it on the plate – it was too much. A surprisingly non-pub style burger that I reckon I’d go back for. Un-Australian in a good way.”
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