The Anthem

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Anthem – 1725 W. Division St, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Jucy Lucy
Dress Code:
12 minutes
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If you’re in the area
$10.99 USD

Just like Australians, the Americans are super passionate about sport – in all shapes and sizes. The Anthem has dedicated itself to sports fans by providing belt loosening comfort food that will hold you whilst your team loses yet another thriller. Their extensive beer and cocktail list will then make you forget about all those woes and get you ready for the next game. They’ve got huge screens everywhere so you can soak in the glory or wallow in sorrow. So, it’s really easy to get a love/hate thing going with this 70s neon Sports Bar. When it comes to Chicago critics however, they can’t stop raving about the place opened ever since 2011. One of the reasons they’re so famous is their Jucy Lucy. Originally an invention out of Minneapolis the Chicago locals have made it their own. In between two three-ounce patties lies an ounce and a half of Velveeta cheese, there’s caramelised onions, sweet horseradish pickles and a buttery bun – that’s it. I sat in front of three big screens, watched the Baltimore Ravens throw a ball, then ordered the “local celebrity” that is the Jucy Lucy.

“This is a Sports Bar on steroids. Hoots and hollers were more than welcome but I kept my mouth shut so as to prepare for the hype that was their Jucy Lucy. It arrived looking like a hot mess even before I got into it. There was so much cheese ooze pouring out I carefully placed a doubled up napkin on my lap and hoped for the best. The first bite was good – really pink and soft for the medium they said they would cook it. But I hadn’t hit the cheese yet. The second bite was going to be the most important. That’s when it happened. The water fall of cheese that flooded my mouth was madness. Never had I experienced such a Cheese-nami. It was smooth and silky like a disgraced Italian news reader. I’d never had Velveeta before but I imagine it was big in the 70s with the fondu folk. Was it all necessary though? I’m not so sure. This style of burger for me is adventurous but what I think tends to happens is that it puts the cheese on a pedestal, and the patty on a dental chair (at the lowest setting). Good for the casual beer and bite but add a winning/losing team and some jugs and you’ll probably find it amazing.”

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