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Monday, March 30, 2015

Burger Project – 644 George St, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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If you’re in the area

The geniuses behind Rockpool are now taking every juicy bit of knowledge they’ve acquired over the last 30 years and turning it into fast-food. That doesn’t mean the stuff you might be used to at your local drive-thru. All that dedication to quality and fine ingredients have been converted into a machine that can churn out burgers all day long. Neil Perry’s new burger shop opened in October 2014 and has built quite a following, even if it’s tucked away from the main street. This could be for many reasons. Either it’s the spitting resemblance to worldwide burger Gods, Shake Shack or that Neil Perry knows exactly what’s up when it comes to cooking a hamburger. To make their burgers they use 36 month aged Cape Grim beef; a mix of chuck and brisket, and it’s all ground on site. They offer a bunch of options that vary in different ways. Say the “American Cheese” versus the “Cheese” option. As far as one burger buff can tell the American uses a Rose mayonnaise and omits the tomato. Then of course, they aim to please all diets by offering your burger in a bowl or a chicken or mushroom option. I tried to opt for the most classic burger I could get (avoiding the Classic option) and ordered a Cheeseburger that came with a beef patty, soft bun, cheese, onion, pickles, lettuce, tomato and special sauce. Again, just like at Shake Shack, I took a seat and waited for my plastic disc to start buzzing – Oh the anticipation!

“Every photo I’d seen online was just made me think Neil had ripped off Shake Shack. It all looked so similar. The kitchen looked the same. The method of ordering was the same. Could my prayers be answered? Shake Shack at home? I went and picked up my order and was surprised it wasn’t closer to the real deal. The bun had been cut all the way through and the chips weren’t crinkle cut. The first bite in and the softness was there. But there so much sauce! As I delved further in I got to taste more of the beef and cheese. These together were fantastic. All the rest just got in the way and turned it into a sloppy meal. I resorted to just patty and cheese and loved it! That’s the only way I’d recommend ordering this burger. Time will tell, but it looks like the Burger Project is the kind of thing that you’ll start to see popping up in a city near you. Not the Meccas I was hoping for but still good if you were to simplify. Unlike Shake Shack, next time, I’d go a double patty, double cheese.”
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