Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Burgled – 287 Huntingdale Road, Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia
The Gettysburger
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5 minutes
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If you’re in the area

There’s not much to look at along the Huntingdale rd strip. That’s because it’s really just mix of shops, factories and a whole lot of Monash Students off to Uni. But for a place that’s all about hamburgers and feel good food, that’s just the kind of place you’d want to be, servicing your hungry workers and hungover students. Opening in 2014, Burgled prides itself on being a Sports Bar, inviting all to watch “the game”, enjoy a beer or two and of course try one of their many burgers. They’ve chosen a bit of an “around the world” theme to create their namesakes. You could try something from Japan which is a panko crumbed chicken patty or something from the Middle East which uses a falafel patty and babaganoush. I took a seat outside on a warm Sunday and was pretty taken with the American Style “Gettysburger” they had created. It came with a beef patty, lettuce, tomato, caramelised onion, pickles, mustard, aioli, cheese and ketchup.

“We’d heard a few good things but that was about it from a friend of a friend. I didn’t expect much walking in though. But when it hastily came out it looked legit. It ticked all the boxes for me; from the yellow cheese and the thick brioche. Someone had done their research (or perused the American burgers on our site). The thick beef patty was compact and tightly held together. It was pretty good but I wanted a smidge more juice and flavour from it. I would’ve cooked it a little more pink if I could. Plus some more salt. The burger was pretty balanced and actually held together well. I’d come back if I peckish and passing through Oakleigh but I’d probably gear up for a double patty with a lot less salad.”
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