The Fish Shop

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Fish Shop – 22 Challis Ave, Potts Point, New South Wales, Australia
Dan’s Famous Cheeseburger
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In 2011 this Merivale Group venue hosted a few burger lovers to one of their most memorable burger experiences to date. Back then it was called Lotus and sadly it ended up closing down. But not for long. Inspired by the Fishing Clubs of Nantucket, The Hamptons and Cape Cod, The Fish Shop opened up to Sydney-siders hungry for a different take on Fish n Chips. There’s fish everything here: fish tacos, fish fingers, fish schnitzel and fish burgers. But when designing the menu for The Fish Shop, the Merivale Group owners knew they couldn’t just let the legend of the Lotus Cheeseburger die. Amongst all the sea shanty, maritime paraphernalia sits a proud statement of burger genius – Dan’s Famous Cheeseburger. Former Chef of Lotus, Dan Hong once described his creation as “bun, meat, onions, sauce, cheese, mayo and pickles – it is a proper burger – no fancy shit”. So it’s a good thing that Chef Jeremy Strode has tried to mess with it too much. I sat down on a sunny Saturday and eagerly ordered the burger that almost lead me to quit this wicked adventure of ours.

“My word! It’s been 4 years.This burger was so good the restaurant changed names/concepts/menus/everything and it’s still here. And good reason for it. It’s amazing! I might have to say it a my favourite burger in Australia. I feel like if the king or queen of a nation asked for a burger this is what they should get. Nothing but the finest ingredients done so simply. The cheese, the bun, the pickels – all Devine. Then take the patty. So damn good. I’d even skip the chips and just order another one (even though the chips were great). I’m so impressed. So salty. So soft and so beefy. Well f**king done.”
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Okay, I need to get here stat!!!

Bianca@forfoodssake ( May 3, 2015 at 11:03 )

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