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Friday, May 1, 2015

Get That India – 133 Commercial rd, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia
Bollywood Burger
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8 minutes
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If you’re in the area

It’s not often you see flavour fusions done this wildly. Sure Heston does lollipops and chicken liver but Hamburgers and Indian food just seems like a stretch. But, whatever they’re doing at Get That India it must be working. Open for about 9 months now they’re looking to try something a little different. And, since they’re open late on a Friday and Saturday night, customers can soak up their night’s efforts with a curry or a burger (or even continue drinking with $5 beers). Owner Stuart Orr says they’re going for “an Indian version of Nando’s” type of thing. That’s pretty apparent when you see their menu includes several chicken dishes like tandoori, a Butter Chicken burger, wraps and a bunch of curries. There are several beef and lamb dishes to choose from but you can also find plenty vegetarian options if that’s your jam. We were curious as to what an Indian take on a traditional beef burger tasted like so ordered the Bollywood Burger that came on a brioche bun with Wagyu beef, cheese, salad, GTI mayo and chutney. beef patty.

“Think a regular style burger with just whole lot of chutney added to the mix. This meant there was a lot of sweetness to it which made the patty nice and sticky. With all the nightlife around I can see them getting some good business here. Especially from the UK crowd who are used to chowing down on a curry on the way home from the disco instead of a sausage roll. I don’t know what the point of offering two styles of bun are because all a multigrain roll does is make weight conscious people think they’re sort of eating something healthy when it’s just a dripping wet burger. It also confuses me because they preach about using lean meat (all over there walls and website) here because Wagyu is far from lean. It wasn’t bad but I feel like you’d need to be in a particular mood for this. Or it’s one of those occasions you and Bae can’t decide on what you’re going to have for dinner so you end up here because they have such a mix of it all.”
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