Charlie & Co

Monday, July 27, 2015

Charlie & Co – Melbourne Emporium, Level 3, 287 Lonsdale St,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Double Cheese & Bacon
Dress Code:
15 minutes
Would we recommend:
Don’t expect much

Shopping centre food courts aren’t well-known for great quality. You can generally find a burger in amongst them but it’s usually from a wide sweeping chain. Charlie & Co are trying to break that mould. But it’s more of a quality not quantity kind of capacity. Located in high-end shopping destinations across Melbourne and Sydney means that there’s plenty of tourists ready to spend money. That’s why they’re able to charge a more exuberant price than you’re used to when it comes to food courts. Paying homage to Charlie “Hamburger” Nagreen, one of the many that claim they invented the hamburger, they’ve gone straight to the source for their schtick. They offer a range of burgers here but don’t get too crazy with the choices. The worst you could do would be an Aussie style burger that’s topped with pineapple and beetroot. Not for everyone, but some seem to love it. Having eaten here in Sydney I was keen to see if Melbourne could out-do it’s northern counterpart. I went for one of the most classic things on their menu, The Double Cheese and Bacon burger. It came on a seeded bun with smoked middle bacon, double cheese, a wagyu beef patty, pickled gherkins, Charlie’s signature tomato sauce and American mustard.

“Having eaten this in a Westfield in Sydney years ago, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. I mean Justin North might have been the founder but as before, I was placing my order in another shopping centre surrounded by day trippers and Emos. This burger feeds the hungry. It’s large and comes with a stack of chips if you happen to order a side. But that’s basically all it does. It looked really promising when it arrived but it didn’t deliver. The patty was a little bland. The bacon could’ve been much crispier, and I wish that the bun wasn’t so dense. I feel like for $14 I should be getting something that’s packed with more flavour. The highlights came from the restrained use of mustard, the sweetness from the pickles and the extra large salty chips.”
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