1090 Burger

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

1090 Burger – 181A Swan St, Richmond, Victoria, Australia
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8 minutes
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You might have first heard of 1090 from their Northcote escapades. Their food truck was a hit with a whole lot of people so it makes sense now to take over the space of a previously underwhelming burger joint (Detour) in Richmond. The spot couldn’t be better. With a handful of pubs all around, what better way to lure in those who’ve had one or two too many on an afternoon session. Don’t be fooled by the name. You will spend more than $10.90 when visiting. The “1090” refers to their tight lipped ratios of beef cuts they use in all of their patties. All we know is it’s 100% Grass Fed Black Angus. The venue itself is brightly lit and seats line the walls as you peer into the kitchen waiting for your name to be called. Not ideal for groups (there are mainly just tables for two), but seriously, who needs chit-chat when you’ve got a burger to eat. We watched as a few burgers were brought out to other customers and figured that a single patty burger wasn’t going to cut it on this night. We took it upon ourselves to indulge in the Thunderburger. It came on a soft hamburger bun with double-beef, double-cheese, bacon, chilli-mayo, ketchup and pickles.

“The real standout for me here was that lovely creamy mayo and cheese combo. The double patty was something we had to do. Both were perfectly cooked and tasted pretty good. The bun was good and the pickles and bacon were too. Would I go back? Hell YEAH!”
“Glory, glory, hallelujah! There aren’t many things hotter than a burger dripping with gooey greatness. The bun was so soft and felt like a cloud. There was so much flavour all over this thing. The beef, cheese, bacon and chipotle mayo created a whole land of flavour that I briefly became a citizen of. And it was brief because I wolfed this down. Not because it was tiny. I just needed to have it. These burgers are great. I think next time if I’m not feeling like such a fiend I’m sure I’ll go for the 1090 double.”
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