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Monday, August 3, 2015

Kustom Burgers – 861 High St, Thornbury, Victoria, Australia
EH Smashed Burger
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This is the definition of a passion project: know what you want, work your butt off and then make something awesome. A guy by the name of Paul Hendrie is behind Thornbury’s Kustom Burgers. He brought his love of burgers together with his love of cars to create a one-of-a-kind diner. Sure, parts of it looks like a regular old diner, but then there are all the bits that’ve come out of a chop shop. There are tables made of old truck boots, stools like tractor seats, and an actual truck who’s tray doubles as a slot car racing track. Of course then you come to the burgers. All designed by Paul himself, named after classic beauties like the F150, FJ Holden and the Imapala. Some of their burgers are classic beef favourites, but they also do a Fried Chicken one, even Chilli Dogs and wings. I couldn’t go past the EH Smashed Burger. I opted for the classic hamburger bun (you can go for brioche if you like), with 2 smashed Angus grass-fed beef patties, double bacon, double American cheese, lettuce, onion and a house-made special sauce.

“Damn it feels good to eat a burger this great again. It kicked me in the mouth with flavour from the very first bite. Smash burgers are the way to my burger-loving heart (big nod to Laurie Dee’s). The cheese was Oh-So-Oozy and had a nice bit of saltiness to it. The whole thing balanced out perfectly. Every bite was filled with beefy goodness, salt from the cheese and then the sweet from the special sauce. I’m rather happy I went with the Standard bun – brioche just would’ve been overkill. The onions were also fantastic. I wanted more as soon as I walked out. I will be back. I’m even contemplating moving Northside.”
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I take my friends here a lot. Amazing set up, friendly staff and prob the best burger shop I’ve ever been to. With KILLER milkshakes 😀

Jake ( April 8, 2016 at 15:51 )

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