Leonord’s House of Love

Monday, September 7, 2015

Leanord’s House of Love – 3 Wilson St,
South Yarra, Victoria, Australia
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Smart Casual
14 minutes
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You wouldn’t expect this kind of place in between the factories and apartments behind Chapel Street. It’s actually been there quite a while disguised as Tryst Bar, where many Melbournians have enjoyed a drink or two. Now, as the brother venue of local watering hole Sweet Water Inn, Leanord’s House of Love is does both drinks and killer food. Their menu has been setup by Chef Nick Stanton who’s worked his magic at Woods of Windsor and Nieuw Amsterdam. It’s a pretty straight up and down kind of thing. Basically, some decent drinking food that’s going to keep you in the hunting lodge-style cottage for quite a while. You can help yourself to some fried chicken, charcoal chicken, chicken fries, a few salads and then a couple of burgers. It can get pretty hectic in there on weekend so be aware, you might find yourself sitting outside. Which is fine when it starts warming up, but Melbourne can be a bit of a bitch, so either take a coat or be prepared to be fitted for a beer jacket. Lucky for us we were inside and decided to go for their signature Cheeseburger that came on a brioche bun with a beef brisket + short rib patty, special sauce, cheese, onion and lettuce.

“Yep! “Grease me up“. That shiny bun made for a great site. It also somehow made the first chomp so much softer than I expected. This was a creamy, salty delight. The patty was pink, juicy and together with the salty pickles and sauce reminded me of a high-class fast food restaurant. But none of the “create your taste” ilk. I really dig this burger. It made me want a double. Because basically, you could eat this for lunch and then go for a jog. It was surprisingly light. Not that I was hungry after it all (even with some chips), but I just felt nice, warm and totally loved.”
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