Juanita Peaches

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Juanita Peaches – 12 Edward Street, Brunswick Victoria, Australia
Cheese Burger
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Smart Casual
5 minutes
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The man behind the famed Beatbox Kitchen, Taco Truck and All Day Donuts brings Melbourne another stellar eatery. It’s called Juanita Peaches and it’s a little bit of East L.A in Brunswick. For the last couple of months it’s been mainly a fried chicken joint, but there’s a Cheese Burger on the menu now that should get peoples’ attention. Why wasn’t it on the menu from the get-go? It just wasn’t ready yet. Raph Rashid has been perfecting this burger for the last 5 years. He wanted to create a cheese burger that you’d keep coming back to, something you don’t feel like you need a python-like jaw to eat, something with the perfect balance of bread to meat. One of the things that took the longest to craft was the bun. Raph calls it a Boogie Bun, and it’s like a potato bun made love to a brioche – solid but spongey. When you order, you’ll see the guys place the buns in a giant steamer, along with the cheese on the top bun creating the signature “Up-Cheese”. He also minces his own Victoria Grass Fed beef, meaning that from top to bottom it’s all Raph’s Cheese Burger. It comes with 120gm Grass Fed beef patty, double cheese, mustard, onions, pickle all on a Boogie Bun. You can order extras like an extra patty or chilli peppers, but the chef recommends keeping it as is.

“This is a Happy Meal for adults. All of it made me feel like a kid again. The white onions, the American cheese, the mustard and of course the delicious patty. All in between a spongey, soft bun. This thing is great. It made me want more. It left me wondering, did that burger need another patty? Was I just being a fatty and thought I needed another burger because I was hungry? Was I still even hungry? I thought about it for a while and realised that, yes, I did want more. But that’s pretty much what Raph sucked me into. He was right, it’s the burger you want to go back to. It’s the kind of burger that brings back the joy of going out for a hamburger with some friends. Grab a beer, add some fries, get some fried chicken and enjoy yourself. You’re not meant to eat this and wish you could take a shower. Yes this is a simple, classic Cheeseburger, but it’s also first-class.
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