Every burger we eat, we approach with the same unbiased and optimistic attitude. Whether we’re paying $5 in a diner or $25 in a restaurant, the chances of success are exactly the same – that’s the beauty of the hamburger. Below is a breakdown of what will generally determine the recommendation we give for a burger.
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• Highest-quality ingredients.
• The chef/owner has a real passion for cooking/burgers.
• Time and research has gone into each element of the burger.
• Often has something extra special and unique to the experience, whether it be the atmosphere, service, location etc.
• You’d marry this burger if it were legal.


• High-quality ingredients.
• Cooked well and consistently good.
• Well thought out with attention to detail.
• Willing to take risks and experiment with different flavours and texture.
• The kind of burger you could eat everyday.

If you’re in the area

• Overall good quality ingredients.
• Usually played too safe, or in contrast, too big of a risk is taken with the recipe where elements are added
that don’t actually enhance the experience.
• An OK burger that you’d be content to eat a few times, but you wouldn’t brag about it.

Don’t expect much

• One or two of the ingredients can be OK/good but overall, a lower standard of burger.
• Not as much thought put into it and it feels like its been put together haphazardly.
• Its the kind of burger you’d eat when you’re looking to satisfy hunger and not your tastebuds.

Dont bother

• A disservice to burgers.
• The complete opposite of Awesome.

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