Friday, August 30, 2013

Chompers – 1118 Oxley Rd, Oxley, Queensland, Australia
Donified Hamburger
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From humble beginnings in 2007, Chompers has quickly become “that burger place” that folks from near and far visit to get their sweet, salty and hunger busting cravings satisfied. Now with three locations around Brisbane, Chompers leapt into the spotlight after creating the Oh My Goodness Burger. After seeing an episode of Man v Food owner Chris Bowe knew that something like this on his menu would get attention. Some media focused on the 6000 kilojoules story, whilst others were simply curious how this burger between two Krispy Kreme buns tasted. Chompers is a laid back kind of place, where the best seat in the house eat is outside on the plastic chairs with mates and a “Leave Your Diets Behind” attitude. As well as their burgers they offer fish & chips, curly fries, potato skins and a selection of deep fried desserts. All of their burgers are available in different sizes and can all be “Donified”. As it was our first experience we thought we’d keep it sensible and grab a Donified Hamburger that came with two Krispy Kreme donuts, handmade Chompers juicy mince patty on a soft burger bun with fresh lettuce, sliced tomato, fried onion and barbeque sauce.

“By nature I consider myself a semi-traditionalist when it comes to burgers: I mean there must be a reason why a beef pattie is best served with a bread bun. When faced with the Donified Burger the concept really turned me off. After reluctantly having the first bite I really couldn’t put it down; each bite just felt so more’ish. I thought that the donut would leave me full by the end, but this wasn’t the case. If anything it felt like a small entree. The pattie thickness was perfect, tasted great and really worked well in countering the sweetness of the donut. It also worked well with the BBQ sauces’ smoky characteristics.”
“If I could somehow get ahold of the blood of Hunter S. Thompson, Jim Morrison and Keith Richards, bottle it, add Coca-Cola and a funky cactus that you can only find in Mexico, then take a taste… then I’d be close to the trip my tastebuds went on that fateful evening at Chompers. God it was good. The sweetness of the Krispy Kreme donuts mixed so damn well with the salty beef patties and tangy bbq sauce. You end up not even thinking that you’re eating donuts; you’re just smashing a super salty sweet burger that you probably won’t find in many places. I can’t say I noticed the vegetables, but I’m sure they played their part. Chompers I salute you. Next time I’ll definitely be doubling my fun and taking my tastebuds for an even big ride.”
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