Yellow Bird

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yellow Bird – 122 Chapel Street, Windsor, Victoria, Australia
Yellow Bird Chilli Burger
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If you’re in the area

Yellow Bird is an eclectic restaurant/cafe/bar that attracts all walks of life. From the fixie riding hipsters, struggling writers, artists and musicians, people with beards, people with pug dogs, fashionistas and everyone in between. Wherever you decide to sit; inside with the bird cages, vintage furniture and band posters (that are for sale) or outside, you will be in one of Melbourne’s greatest people-watching spots. Especially catering for those cats that wear sunglasses at night, the bar is open until 1am and the kitchen until 10pm. Locals wont shutup about their breakfast burritos and modern-australian take on mexican food. But as usual we had to look past them all and go for the Yellow Bird Chilli Burger that came with a spicy ground beef patty, jalapenos, tasty cheese, red onion, tomato, bacon, rocket, chutney and a side of fries.

“When I first walked in and sat down I started to think, “What sort of ill thought-out and slapped together meal am I going to get by a place exclusively staffed by groovy Chapel St hipsters!!” I was quick to find out that it was actually a pretty damn good one. It turned out to be one of probably the best versions of a chilli burger I’ve had, without trying too hard to be different. The subtle balance of the jalapeno chillies and the raisin filled chutney really work well with the thick beef pattie. The really great thing about this burger is that it packs enough of a punch to let you know your eating chilli, but not too much to let you forget you actually ordered a burger.”
“The appearance of this burger is very deceptive. As it arrived at our table it just looked like your stock standard take on the traditional burger, with a sesame seed bun, pattie, lettuce, bacon and cheese all visible to the eye. It’s only when you bite into the burger that it really comes to life; hiding under the sumptuous piece of beef are some fiery jalepenos that give a great kick once bitten but don’t linger around too much longer. Then to keep the surprises coming you are hit by the very sweet chutney with raisins that’s spread on top of the pattie. I probably would have preferred this burger just as a pure spicy burger rather than adding the contrasting sweetness of the relish. A simple dollop of ketchup would’ve done me just fine.”
“What impressed me most about this burger was the casualness of it. No it didn’t dress in baggy jeans and call me “dude”, it was just the manner in which it was presented and served on a plate – zero pretentiousness. And, for a burger served on Chapel St (aka wank central) that is saying a lot. It was a good thick pattie, the jalapeno chillies in the burger were great and the chutney worked well in balancing out the flavours. I’m normally not that crazy about raisins in my food, but they did work well in the chutney. Nice thinly cut red onion with well-prepared bacon was another plus with just the right amount of rocket leaves. I personally did have to add some ketchup to it all and yes, the fries were good.”
“I was about to pull out the iPhone and take a hipstamatic shot of the burger, until D slapped me in the face, reminded me that I use a Blackberry and we were here for business. This burger was, in one word, “good”. The chefs have kept everything relatively simple. I always enjoy a good ol’ kaiser bun and the addition of jalapenos are always welcome. The lightly seasoned ground beef patty was on the money; even with it’s coarse texture it was still very light, almost on the delicate side. Where it lost out with me was the raisin filled chutney. It was almost like too many pussies complained that it was too spicy for them and they needed to add something extra to calm down their oh-so-mortified tastebuds. Or who knows, maybe its just more added wank factor that we see more often than not. Don’t get me wrong, the chutney (as a chutney on its own) was fine. But next thing you know they’ll be adding quince paste to burgers.”
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