Thursday, September 16, 2010
Rub BBQ – 208 West 23rd St (between 7th & 8th Ave), New York, NY, USA
Bagel Burger
Dress Code:
Smart Casual
20 minutes
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$9 USD

Opening its doors in 2005 and attracting meat lovers from all over NYC, its owner Andrew Fischel and partner in crime, critically acclaimed BBQ Pitmaster and Executive Chef Paul Kirk deliver an exciting menu that will keep you coming back week after week. On top of their show stopping meat platters and BBQ Ribs, on a Monday night the guys offer a “Burger Of The Week” that has the public and fellow burger-bloggers raving. Sitting in a busy tavern-style restaurant I ordered the “Burger Of The Week” which came on a plain toasted bagel, a moderately packed thin beef pattie, thinly sliced spanish onion and accompanied by wholesome dill cream cheese. Now what could be more New York than a Bagel Burger?.

“I was so amped to try this. I hadn’t stopped thinking about the idea of a Bagel Burger all day (thanks to my dining partner Robyn from A Hamburger Today.) As soon as I bit into it there was such a rush of different flavours: a sweet sharpness from the onion, that authentic bbq grill crunch from the pattie and then a creamy saltiness from the dill cream cheese. Such a simple idea but it was pure genious. Plus its been cooked well when even with a thin meat pattie you still have a fair amount of awesomeness dripping down your hands.
My only niggle, and I know it probably takes away from the point, but I would love to have tried this without the bagel; maybe instead using a brioche bun? Even if they didn’t toast the bagel? … It was a little too hard to chew. Still, its turned me onto dill cream cheese that I’m searching helplessly for down here in Australia. Any tips?
At the end of our meal I was lucky enough to meet Rub BBQ’s owner, the very charismatic Andrew Fischel, who told me all about about his passion for BBQing and some of the wicked ideas he has for future Burgers of the Week. All I can say is that when I move to NYC I know where I’ll be eating every Monday night.”

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