Burger Edge

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Burger Edge – Shop 13, The Chevron 519-539 St Kilda Road,
Melbourne, Australia
The Meat Lover
Dress Code:
9 minutes
Would we recommend:
Don’t expect much

Well, we had to do it. Finally we did another burger franchise. With a lot of our readers telling us to get down there and give Burger Edge a go, we knew we had to do it and see first hand how they pump out their burgers. The St Kilda Rd Burger Edge is tucked away in a little nook in The Chevron apartments. It was cosy, smelt of decent burgers (always a positive) and had friendly staff. After much dispute on which burger we should eat, we decided that the dude at the counter should settle it. He recommended we go for the Meat Lover Burger that had Prime beef, short rindless bacon salami, ham, tasty cheese, salad, and BBQ sauce. We also grabbed some chips with “Mexican” seasoning salt.

“You know what, this one actually surprised me a little as I wasn’t expecting much from this place. I thought this would be just another burger franchise thats popped up over night with not much to offer. I tasted the beef pattie on its own and it was a little under seasoned, but you probably wouldn’t notice because of the spicy salami overpowering most of the burger. Overall it actually wasn’t so bad and all the ingredients came together pretty well.”
“I found this burger to be very neat and tidy. All the ingredients were in proportion to each other resulting in a decent bite, each and every bite. We did order the meat lovers so I can’t complain that there was too much meat, but jeez there is a lot of meat in this burger! The bbq sauce complimented and added an extra smokiness, which I dont usually like, but in this case worked a treat. It was only my first burger here and I believe it’s better than Grill’d.”
“This burger did nothing for me. The Salami was the most dominant flavour and probably, in a way, the highlight on what was an average burger. The pattie was dry and a little bland. We chose the white sourdough bread, which we thought was a good choice, but it turned out to be a little dry. The red onion was tasteless but the lettuce was nicely prepared and presentable. Highly recommend trying the chips with Mexican seasoning. Would I have it again?…No.”
“We didn’t have to wait too long for this one. The burgers were ready to rock’n’roll after a couple minutes – which is something I’m always suss on. Anyhow, at that moment my hunger was telling my tastebuds to shutup and just go with it. As soon as I bit in I was hit with an abundant amount of meatiness. But really the main flavour was coming from the spicy salami. The beef pattie should’ve been the hero, but it didn’t stand a chance as it was dry and bland. The positives included the cheese, salami and lettuce, but thats like telling a girl she has nice elbows. For me this place has no real concept, like its not being run by real burger lovers. It feels more like someone with a load of cash tried to jump in on a trend just to make a few bucks. Contrary to D, for me Grill’d still rules the roost amongst the franchises. Well, at least for now…”
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