Thursday, April 16, 2015

Entrecôte – 131-133 Domain Road, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia
Entrecôte Cheeseburger
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Across from the Botanical Gardens in the heart of Melbourne lies a little bit of Paris. Not the Paris of shopping or dainty cakes. It’s a bistro with a clear vision. A vision of steak and fries. Partnering with Adam North from Hopkins River Beef, Jason M Jones took one of his favourite Parisian experiences – eating at the Le Relais De L’Entrecôte – and brought it to the old site of a former Melbourne instutute, the French inspired Lynch’s. Some younger heads would remember it more as the Millswyn or Louie, or just that place you saw the expensive looking people enjoying a summer cocktail as you gruelling sweated past along the Tan track. This time around, Jones is hoping to turn Entrecôte into a more of an approachable, neighbourhood bistro. If Steak and Frites aren’t your thing then they offer oysters, salads and have a extensive breakfast menu where let’s face, you’d order a croque-monsieur above all. Their Cheeseburger peaked our interest and it arrived on a soft brioche bun with pickles, gruyere cheese, mayonnaise and a Hopkins River beef patty.

“The menu description left little to the imagination, with a simple ‘cheeseburger’ the only clues given. It ended up being a much larger burger than I was expecting. It wasn’t stacked high, it just had a massive circumference with a very sweet, yet dry brioche bun. Sticking true to it’s French roots, it was full of really rich flavours of butter, salt and sugar, which resulted in a really filling and bloated experience. Although good, I couldn’t move for a while after and would of preferred something a little smaller with something additional to cut through the richness. The fries were amazing.”
“It was typically French. The garlic butter made it stand out from many other burgers I’ve had. Which is odd. Why has garlic been left out of the burger equation all over the world. Surely garlic is king of ingredients when cooking a fine meal? Probably because it tends to overpower the burger. But overall, I think that a smaller burger with similar ingredients would’ve worked better. This burger was too big for my liking and kind of made the experience feel like it went for too long.”
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