Beatbox Kitchen

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Beatbox Kitchen – Level 7, 252 Swanston St, Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia
Raph Burger
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Smart Casual
4 minutes
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If you’re familiar with Melbourne’s Inner Northern suburbs you know that if you want a decent burger, you better go visit Beatbox Kitchen. You’ll also know that its not unusual to find yourself hungry, a bit tipsy and at the back of a a long, nightclub-style queue. However, when you reach the front there are no bouncers or guestlists, just Raph and his Ghetto Blaster shaped Burger Van.
We finally managed to catch up with this nomad at his all new “for a limited time only” fixed location, The Rooftop Bar in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Owner, creator and chef, Raph calls his burger an “East Coast meets West Coast” experience. His research has taken him to the burger mecca that is the USA, and he’s brought back the best of New York and Los Angeles and then topped it all off with 100% Aussie beef.
All of his beef is ground on-site and is sourced from “strictly grass-fed” Tasmanian cattle. He explains, “grass-fed beef has a higher nutritional value and is higher in Omega 3 and Vitamin E, plus it delivers a more natural and intense beef flavour.” So, with a killer view and beer in hand, we eagerly awaited Raph’s creation. His burger came out on a soft bun (baked fresh everyday in nearby Brunswick), with a 170gm grass-fed beef pattie, cos lettuce, tomato, gouda cheese, onion and Stereo Sauce.

“This is a true testament to one man’s passion for burgers. What I would call a near faultless creation, this burger offers only the freshest ingredients. A perfect bun that soaks up just the right amount of juice and still gives you the taste that its just been buttered. Absolutely loved the subtle saltyness to the amazingly perfect pattie. All thats left to say is… GOD DAAAMN!”
“The first time in a very long time I have not added or subtracted any ingredients; everything was spot on. Wrapping the burger in foil meant a very neat and clean meal. The time, research, energy and enthusiasm in all aspects of the burger have definitely paid off. My favourite summer drinking spot just got a whole lot better.”
“This burger was made with love. The burger had a clear and concise objective – keep it simple and use great ingredients. The beef was great – juicy, tasty and cooked to perfection. The thinly diced raw red onion meant the onion flavour didn’t overpower each bite. The cheese was great, butter on the bun (always a plus) and the bun was…. perfection. Chips were great. I loved dipping them in the spicy sauce provided. Ohh, I forgot to mention I loved the burger so much I ate two.”
“So its been a week since I ate at Beatbox Kitchen. I think I’ve called the other guys almost everyday telling them that I can’t stop thinking about this burger. The beef pattie was succulent and full of flavour. It wasn’t over seasoned, which allowed the flavour of the pure Tasmanian beef to shine through. The gouda and Stereo Sauce worked great together, adding a wicked creaminess followed by a touch of zest. To put it simply, for me this burger is World Class.”
Beatbox Kitchen

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