Thursday, September 29, 2011


We know what you’re thinking… “Hold on… They’re some awfully feminine hands, lips and hair in that photo. Is your new contributor a girl?”. OMG our newest addition is a chick! Seriously though, it takes a little bit more than luck to find yourself writing amidst the pages of tBA. Bribery and “mad-skillz” are a part of it, however it’s what you live and breathe that really counts. We had the chance to electronically encounter BM around 6 months ago whilst checking our mail. Since then we’ve found out that she’ll answer only to “Ma’am” and is nothing but trouble. After several eating/drinking sessions together she’s proven to us that not only can she talk the talk, but she can walk into a nightclub/stripclub without appearing too messed up, even after 10 beers.

So, when she’s not eating burgers, she’ll be eating chicken fried steak, fried chicken or BBQ. That’s where her own blog (under the same guise) all began. “It started thanks to a huge collection of food photographs, mainly from Austin, Texas, that I felt needed to be shared with the world. I spent at least two months out of every year in the States, mainly in the South, on a whimsical culinary journey. Essentially, I’m an honorary Texan. Australian by birth, Southern by the grace of capacity to eat.” To step even harder on a hippies head she adds, “sometimes I even forget what vegetables look like, especially when they’re not coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried.”

Why Don’t you Marry her then?

Well, to avoid the awkwardness of a proposal, we thought we might as well ask the kind lady to write about her very own Adventures. Fresh off the Learjet she’s back home in Melbourne ready to unleash a feast of mouthwatering burger fueled stories from all around America (Fuck yeah!). Keep your eye out for her burgasmic posts in the coming weeks. In the meantime you can check out her kick-ass blog BurgerMary and feel free to yell at her on Twitter here.

Much love

B•D•G•Z (+ bm)

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