Middle Park Hotel

Monday, April 19, 2010
Middle Park Hotel – 102 Canterbury Rd, Middle Park,
Victoria, Australia
Wagyu Beef Burger
Dress Code:
Smart Casual
10 minutes
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If you’re in the area

Originally built in 1889 and reborn in 2009 as the Middle Park Hotel (previously Gunn Island Hotel), we sat surrounded by monogrammed carpet, wood panelling, moose antlers and sporting memorabilia. The menu features plenty of meat and classic English dishes. On the bar menu you will find a Wagyu Beef burger featuring a sesame seed brioche bun, onion marmalade, lettuce, tomato pickle and huge chips.

“First of all the burger has a fantastically cooked and seasoned Wagyu beef pattie and an unique onion marmalade that has a peppery bite to it. As for the rest, I wasn’t that impressed. From the bun that was a little dry and too big, to the very disappointing chips/wedges – too big, no seasoning, no flavour, no good.”
“After tasting the beef on its own, I removed the lettuce and tomato as they were only getting in the way of it’s amazing flavour. There was a really great spice to the marmalade as well. Matching Ralph Lauren polos on the staff look great.”
“A pub burger with two great features: the Wagyu beef pattie and onion marmalade. There was a good amount of lettuce and fresh tomato. The downside to it all was the bun and thick wedges. There was way too much bread and I would have preferred it toasted. The wedges were oily and too thick. We also ordered shoestring fries ($6) and they did not dissapoint. I say get rid of the wedges and put the fries on the side.”

“Whoever had the idea of adding Horseradish should get a raise.”

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