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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fat Bob’s Bar & Grill – 80 Cochranes Rd, Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia
Jackie O
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After being inspired by a recent trip to the U.S where Fat Bob found himself surrounded by many of the loves of his life – more specifically burgers, beer and vintage signs – Fat Bob returned to Melbourne and set about creating his own man cave. Along with the help of his friend Michael, Fat Bob’s Bar & Grill was born. Located down a lane-way, squeezed between 2 warehouses in Moorabbin’s industrial area, you are instantly teleported to another era and continent, with a seriously impressive collection of vintage signs of all shapes and sizes gracing the walls. You’d be convinced you’re in the States hanging at a local Hot Rod restoration garage that conveniently sells burgers and over 20 different beers. We grabbed a booth and eagerly awaited the Jackie O that came with a 180g of grass fed beef pattie cooked to medium, tomato, Spanish onion, Fontina cheese, cos lettuce, mustard, tomato sauce and Fat Bob’s special sauce.

“Loved the presentation in the al-foil wrapping that serves so many purposes: retaining heat, trapping in ingredients and juices and keeping my hands clean. The first thing that really stood out for me was the perfectly melted cheese slowly cascading over the beef pattie… and then I took my first bite. The creaminess of the cheese interacting with one of the most perfectly seasoned beef patties I’ve had in a while is about as good as it gets. The next standout in this burger, which only became apparent towards the end, was the sweet bun that remained completely intact while up against some serious juiciness. Im really glad someone has taken on the daunting challenge of bringing great food and service to the industrial, suburban parts of Melbourne that are so often neglected, and judging by how busy it was it’s been well received.”
“Initially when walking into Fat Bob’s I thought this place might be trying too hard to be an American diner with all the American paraphernalia and neon lights – this could’ve been a case of “all swing, no ding”. I wasn’t a big fan of lining-up to order– for me there is something about being served that makes me feel I’m being properly catered to and if you are going to have an American diner I’d assume you would go in that direction. When you finally place your order at the counter and sit down you really start to take the place in and notice things. For example the great calibre of American signage on the wall and even some local Melbourne stuff (I’ll leave it to you to list). The staff are really friendly, pretty quick to service and always seem to have a smile on their dial– something that people forget to do these days. I say ‘always’ because I’ve been there three times already and three times my mind was blown. The bun and the pattie were amazing with the right amount of condiments, sauces and flavour. The chips were good (maybe not worth $3), but good either way.”
“This is really up there with the best of them. Not because of any one thing in particular, but more for that warm feeling of awesomeness and sparks that fly that got us into this little thing we call an Adventure. Its a relatively simple burger, but you can tell that there’s been thought put into it. Most important of all was the pattie which was delightfully meaty, well-rounded and salty without making you reach for your 7-Up. This is a bang-on awesome burger with just enough of everything there to make you think about ordering another one, or when to schedule your next visit.”
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