Brunswick Burger Buzz

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brunswick Burger Buzz – 333 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia
The Big Buzz
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If you’re in the area

BBB is a rough and rustic burger joint, done in typical eclectic Brunswick style. It has a chilled out vibe with an anything goes fit out; all sorts of doors hanging on the walls and you’ll be hard pressed to find a matching table and chair set. Claiming to do things a little differently and positioning themselves as a bit of an anti-establishment take-away joint, they place a huge importance on sourcing local ingredients and believe in big servings that don’t break the bank. This of course, is all served in a casual and friendly way that aims to puts a smile on your face. On a cool Sunday evening we decided to order The Big Buzz burger that came on a home made sourdough bun with a 150gram beef patty (menu says it’s a double but ours came out with a single patty for some reason), tasty cheese, bacon, eggs, beetroot, lettuce and tomato.

“If you’re after your typical Fish’n’Chip shop style burger with a bigger and better patty, this burger is for you. Instead of being wrapped inside a brown paper bag, it was presented tall with a skewer through the middle. However aside from that, everything else was fairly stock-standard. The thick beef patty was cooked well and as with most things, if it’s covered in egg and bacon, it’s going to taste pretty good. Nothing unexpected and will definitely leave you full but with a slightly heftier price tag than similar options in the area.”
“This is Brunswick’s way of doing Grill’d; well, that’s the way I see it. The difference being, Burger Buzz does it in a way Sydney Road locals could be proud to eat in and feel they’re supporting a local hero. The burger itself was basic and ticked all the boxes in my book. This burger felt like a fish & chip burger that was done right with delicious bacon, a thick patty and a well made sourdough bun. Overall I thought the burger was tasty and juicy, but it wouldn’t be a burger I’d travel more than a suburb for. Chips were good and with a free Mountain Goat beer on offer for every burger bought its a damn good deal.”
“There was such a mash of flavours it was hard to know where the bacon started and beetroot ended. It was big and juicy, a touch salty but there was no real character. It’d be hard to pick out of a blind taste test, not that it was awful, but even McDonald’s has a signature flavour or two. The best thing this place has going for it is its meal deals. A free beer with your burger is always going to keep the place full of fashionable flannel.”
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