St Burgs

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

St Burgs – 4/41 Edgewater Blvd, Maribyrnong, Victoria, Australia
Double D
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You don’t really just stumble on a place like St Burgs. Apart from a laundromat, it’s one of the only inhabited businesses at the bottom of an apartment block in what feels like the middle of nowhere. This little pocket situated along the Maribyrnong River has spectacular city views and will some day be booming with life. But right now it has that Docklands vibe that isn’t quite right. This hasn’t stopped the burger loving guys behind St Burgs. It’s a family affair, with a bunch of brothers getting together to create a no-nonsense burger joint. Their menu consists of only a handful of burgers to match your appetite or eating disfunction: choose from a beef burger, fried chicken burger or a mushroom burger. They even do some wings if you need more than fries as a side. There’s not a whole lot of room inside but there’s a lot more space to go Al Fresco and embrace the beef sweats. We ordered the Double D that came on a milk bun with two Australian grass fed beef patties, double American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, gherkin relish, “durger mayo” & smokey sauce.

“Some very well-seasoned, good smashed patties surrounded by oozing cheese and drenched in some sweet tasting sauce. The bun started out OK, but by end became a sloppy mess. Would I go back? Hells yeah! Big tip: when you’re sitting outside be sure to use a plate when eating as I guarantee you the burger will drop through the table gaps and go all over your new kicks. Fries were good.”
“This was good. It dripped goodness. Everywhere. I was hungover and it was just what I needed. The patties were salty and had a bit of crunch to each bite. But the biggest bonus to this burger was the soft gooeyness that left cheese stuck to all my teeth. The only this I just wasn’t sure on the BBQ sauce. It mixed with the pickle relish they had going on and made for a burger that was just a touch too much the sweet side for me. Next time I might just hold the BBQ sauce. If you’re in need of a burger hug, St Burgs will answer your prayers.”
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