The Toff in Town

Thursday, July 8, 2010
The Toff in Town – Second Floor, 25 Swanston St, Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia
Chilli Beef Basil Burger
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Smart Casual
5 minutes
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Located on the second floor of Melbourne’s iconic Curtain House, The Toff in Town is renowned for being a place for hipsters, scenesters and the music and film elite. But with a recent change of the menu, The Toff now has another box ticked. With the Thai influenced menu being served until the early hours of the morning, this almost out of place, but unique flavoured burger offers a chilli beef and basil pattie with fried egg, lettuce and tomato, all concealed within perfectly sweet bun.

“Who would have thought this Thai menu would come up with such a little gem. A small yet flavour-packed burger that will surprise you with a special chilli beef and basil pattie. A great little snack, but you’ll definitely find yourself wanting and needing more.”
“My favourite bar in Melbourne now offers a burger. I might as well just move in! Absolutely loved it. The spicy beef is well balanced by the soft egg, all on a sweet asian bread roll that is as soft as a cloud. Order 2 if its dinner, or order 1 if its a late night snack. Who are we kidding? Just order 2 regardless.”
“A”two bites and you’re done” kind-of-a burger. Although this was damn good, it will leave you wanting more (we had to order seconds). Please remember this isn’t your typical burger joint, and they don’t serve fries. All in all, it does deliver in taste, but not in value.”
“Quite a wicked punch attached to this burger. I’d say its best enjoyed with other small dishes and a tall beer. It will turn into an expensive night, so if you’re strapped for cash, go and borrow some.”

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