Babu Burger

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Babu Burger – 156 Chapel Street, Windsor, Victoria, Australia
Babu’s Favourites #1
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30 minutes
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If you’re in the area

With a mix of modern and vintage elements like white tiles contrasting with exposed timber beams, Babu Burger slots in perfectly in the ever-evolving, eclectic, Windsor end of Chapel St. Babu grind and mince their beef daily from Victorian beef and offer 150, 220 or 300g sized patties. They encourage you to create your own unique burger with a huge array of ingredients available. But, for the indecisive type, they have their “Favourite” burgers. We went with the number 1 that featured 220g beef, egg, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle and no sauce. But dont worry, they leave the saucing to the individual on the table.

“This burger looked like something you would make at home. That is, if you had plenty of time to pick out the best looking ingredients and position it all perfectly on a plate for a photo shoot. It may go to explain why on a relatively quiet night it took a while for the burger to reach our table. The beef was cooked medium and had a great course texture. However, it just wasn’t that flavoursome. Luckily the egg and the bacon made up for it. The tomato, pickle and onion added a great crunch but, the pickle was a little too big and fairly bland in taste. I was definitely full and satisfied by the end but it just wasn’t memorable for either a good or bad reason.”
“The pattie was thick and cooked to my likeing, but I did find it a bit bland. As a solution, I highly recommend adding one of their selected sauces to add some character. Out of all the condiments the egg and bacon were really the standouts in the burger. I found the egg beautifully runny and the bacon crispy as hell. The pickles however were a bit boring – no crunch and no zing. If you are a person that likes customising your burger this is the place for you. The option of choosing the thickness of your pattie and how well you like it cooked really adds bonus points to this place, plus the condiments on offer are endless. Chips were OK.”
“I couldn’t fault the quality of this product too much at all. They’ve got a good philosphy of letting the beef be the hero. As I looked down at the end of my meal to a pool of juice sitting atop my chips, I decided that A) Babu make a solid burger, and B) I was beyond full. However, it all left me a little conflicted. When I first looked the burger up and down, it appeared as classic as they come. But when I bit in I got a strong hit of all Babu’s signature Middle-Eastern spices. This threw me off. I get that it’s a bit of a twist on a classic, but why sit on the fence. What the #1 favourite lacked for me was a bit of boldness. If I had my time here again (and I will), I’ll be creating my own burger; attempting to celebrate all those exotic spices with a harem of seductive toppings.”
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